4 Key Trends Driving the Latest Adobe Experience Manager

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This March, I announced some of the key innovations in our latest release of Adobe Experience Manager at Adobe Summit.

Today, we’re proud to announce it’s available worldwide.

This is the culmination of the efforts of some of the best engineers around the world and based on feedback from some of the most insightful customers and partners. I was recently at a meeting with an executive of a large telecom brand and all he wanted to do throughout the meetingwas see first-hand how the solution worked. Hardly a word was exchanged as he watched in fascination as the product moved across the screen. It was a moment of immense pride—to be “upstaged” by your own team’s creation, and I wished I could have captured it to share with our customers and partners who have been on the journey with us.

What the team has produced in the latest release is quite remarkable. It is a digital experience management solution that creates amazing customer experiences—in doing so, we realize the application itself must also be delightful to use. Behind an intuitive interface well-crafted by our user experience designers, this latest release reflects strategic bets we’ve made on where this journey of digital transformation and marketing will take us in the quest to build brand affinity, drive demand and capture loyalty.

This new Adobe Experience Manager addresses the critical needs of marketers and technologists in 2015 and beyond. We believe that:

  • No digital experience delivery platform or web content management system is relevant today if it does not have a way to build and manage compelling mobile apps as part of a continuous customer experience. We’ve delivered on this by making it easier to design for responsive sites and build mobile apps you can continually improve and personalize within Experience Manager.
  • Digital experiences happen everywhere, sometimes in unpredictable ways. With the latest release we have greater cloud options for Adobe Experience Manager, from managed services to SaaS, to give organizations the greatest ability to spin up experiences and scale them across the world. For example, Adobe Experience Manager Assets for digital asset management and delivery is available on-premise and in the cloud as managed services or multi-tenant SaaS to give organizations the greatest flexibility in customization and time-to-market. Speaking of speed, the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager Communities can help you set up a customer community in just four easy steps.
  • Delivering great customer experiences in the way customers expect is hard and complex. Technology needs to make this simple. You need best-of-breed solutions that work together like a single-product experience when you choose to use them together. In the new version of Adobe Experience Manager, we make it possible to have market-leading analytics and performance targeting capabilities from Adobe Marketing Cloud available within Experience Manager. Simple, yet powerful.

I want to thank the over 10,000 attendees across our Adobe Summits in Salt Lake City and London who engaged with us in person and the many more who joined us virtually to share in the exciting ways you’re taking advantage of new innovations within Adobe Experience Manager and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. If you missed it, be sure to check out the on-demand recordings from Salt Lake City and London.

I also invite you to check out this on-demand webinar, which I led alongside one of our rock stars in product management, Cedric Huesler, to learn more about the latest Adobe Experience Manager.

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