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5 Featured Sessions – Graphic, Web & UX Track

5 Featured Sessions – Graphic, Web & UX Track

Check out these 5 sessions in the Graphic, Web & UX Track at MAX.

What sets MAX apart from all other creative conferences? The fact that we provide access to all our product experts, engineers, designers, and thought leaders in the design space. You get to learn from the people who actually build the products you live in every day.

To that end, we’ve got a wide array of sessions in our Graphic, Web, and UX track. Build your own schedule with the ones that help take your own career to the next level. We promise you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge — feeling energized and inspired to tackle new projects.


Michael Murphy, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Adobe

A.J. Wood, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Adobe

Ready to get up and running with Adobe XD? Learn how to quickly design and build prototypes for web and mobile projects in XD by leveraging Creative Cloud Libraries and key features of Photoshop and Illustrator for an optimal, integrated, real-world workflow. If you’re comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator but just starting out with Adobe’s UX/UI design and prototyping tool, this session will let you hit the ground running.

In this hands-on lab, veteran instructors Michael Murphy and A.J. Wood will walk you through:

  • Efficiently bringing Photoshop artboards and Illustrator artwork into XD.
  • Taking advantage of Creative Cloud Libraries in your XD workflow.
  • Understanding XD basics and workflow best practices.
  • Accelerating your process with repeat grids, symbols, and global colors.
  • Wiring up and testing prototypes.
  • Sharing and exporting XD projects for clients and developers.

Speaker: Brian Wood, Founder, BWT

See how to supercharge your design process in this hands-on design lab using Adobe Illustrator CC. Discover how you can take advantage of the latest tools in Illustrator, sharpen your existing Illustrator design skills, and learn powerful new techniques for doing your best work in less time.

Brian Wood, certified Adobe trainer, MAX master, and author of “Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book” will cover:

  • the latest tools and techniques in Illustrator, including the Puppet Warp tool, and how they fit into your everyday design workflow,
  • easier methods for creating and editing your vector artwork,
  • ways to speed up content selection and organization,
  • faster ways to recolor artwork and change artwork appearance, and
  • best practices for saving and exporting content.

Speaker: Michael Ninness, Sr. Director of Product, Graphic, and Web Design, Adobe

Learn the secrets of InDesign power users in this fast-paced, fun-filled session guaranteed to boost your design productivity. You’ll leave smacking your forehead and saying, “I wish I’d known that years ago!”

Michael Ninness, senior director of product, graphic, and web design at Adobe, will cover:

  • personalizing InDesign default settings to work for you,
  • shortcuts for working with styles and typography that will blow your mind,
  • shortcuts for placing files,
  • the “secret” Live Distribute feature,
  • and much more.

Speaker: Chris Converse, Designer/Developer, Codify Design Studios, LLC

Add a new tool to your design toolbox, and supercharge any design project with stunning visual effects. In this hands-on, step-by-step lab, we’ll combine Photoshop and After Effects to create jaw-dropping images suitable for any medium. Learn how to leverage the power of After Effects to create unique artwork and visuals for print, web, illustration, and photography projects. And the best part? If you know Photoshop, you already know the basics.

Join Chris Converse in this unique lab and learn how to:

  • create your own custom artwork,
  • design jaw-dropping special effects fast,
  • generate custom textures and natural phenomena like rain, smoke, and snow,
  • achieve advanced transparency effects within your images, and
  • export artwork to Photoshop — with layers and transparency.

Speaker: Stefano Corazza, Sr. Director of Engineering, Adobe

Augmented reality (AR) is poised to change the way we interact with the world. From education to industry, AR has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way we work, learn, and play. Join Stefano Corazza, creative director of the Festival of the Impossible and senior director of engineering at Adobe, for a presentation on the future of design in AR, featuring artists from the Festival of the Impossible who are creating new, immersive experiences that challenge the boundaries of the physical and the digital.

In this exciting session, Stefano will show:

  • what AR is and why it matters to designers and artists,
  • what makes an AR experience compelling,
  • inspirational AR experiences from artists and designers who are driving the next generation of immersive experiences, and
  • how you can create in AR today.

Check out the entire lineup of sessions and labs here. If you’re not yet registered, click here.

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