Add Livefyre to Your Adobe Stack and Deliver Standout Commerce Experiences with UGC

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Add Livefyre to Your Adobe Stack and Deliver Standout Commerce Experiences with UGC
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The retail industry can be brutal with fierce competition and an endless array of product options in virtually every category. That’s why retail marketers know they must deliver personalized, authentic brand experiences that stand out—both online and in-person. And one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) into the marketing mix. UGC is a content source so powerful that 90 percent of consumers say it influences their purchases. In addition, it can increase conversion rates by 29 percent and is one of the most trusted types of content online.

When you add Livefyre to your existing Adobe stack and take advantage of the seamless way these solutions work together, you can inject authentic and personalized UGC across the customer journey, adding social proof and a powerful competitive edge in any retail environment. Let’s look at how this works.

Make UGC an integral part of your most familiar workflows

Direct integration with AEM Sites provides your creative team with a unified DAM where brand-created content sits alongside UGC assets. This offers a holistic view of all available content and suddenly gives you access to content for each customer segment that you didn’t have before.  Plus, integration with AEM Sites lets you easily drag and drop Livefyre media walls, filmstrips, and more onto your AEM Sites pages and then seamlessly publish your latest imported UGC to your website—it’s simple and seamless.

Create awesome experiences, one fragment at a time

With AEM Experience Fragments and Adobe Livefyre, you can create one experience fragment with many variations, and export it to Adobe Target. The new Experience Fragments capability makes it simple for retailers to test UGC to discover what resonates best with customers, and then personalize product pages and digital touchpoints—including web, mobile, banners, in-store screens, and more—with the most compelling UGC for each segment. Your customers will experience relevant UGC across their journeys, so they get both brand-created content and authentic peer recommendations, powerful marketing tools that reinforce their purchase intent and drive revenue.

Drive conversion like never before

By pairing your products from AEM Commerce, Google Shopping, and other platforms with relevant UGC (photos, videos, comments from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), you automatically let the powerful voice-of-customer empower you to drive conversion and revenue.

Seamlessly extend UGC into your physical environment, with equally fantastic results

Contrary to all the media hype, you know the majority of retail transactions still take place in physical stores. That’s why when you integrate Livefyre with AEM Screens, you can easily achieve your business goals in the physical world as well. Share user-generated images, videos and reviews to drive conversion at point- of-sale, build excitement at in-store events, increase brand loyalty, and more. And thanks to the responsive design in Livefyre, it’s easy to format UGC experiences and showcase on any size screen—from a smartphone to a jumbotron.

Personalize in ways never before possible

Get the most of your Adobe Target investment—and eliminate the time and expense required to create your own content—by turning on a non-stop stream of relevant, user-generated images, videos, and comments from Livefyre. You can feed authentic, personalized content to an unlimited number of audience segments, opening up entirely new ways to market in the retail space, with powerful results. For example, check out this webinar outlining how T-Mobile is using UGC to power their winning switcher campaign.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Thanks to Adobe Sensei-powered smart tags you can now search by what’s inside the image–not just the text–to quickly find the exact UGC you need. This powerful curation capability means your team won’t waste another minute sifting through irrelevant search results, leaving more time to deliver on your e-commerce vision.

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