More UI kits for Adobe XD

More UI kits for Adobe XD

Here is an ever-growing list of resources to kick-start your next project in Adobe XD:


Create a smartwatch app from this kit which follows Apple design standards.


Build a dashboard with this kit that has 100 customizable components and over a dozen charts.

Transportation and ridesharing

Accelerate the design of experiences for the road with more than 60 customizable screens in this kit.


Design a travel app or website, with pages for hotel, flight, and activity listings all within this kit.


This UI kit, called Pawtastic, comes from UX designer Meagan Fisher and will give you everything you need to design an e-commerce web experience or app using Adobe XD.

Digital currency

Created by multi-talented UX designer and developer Oykun Yilmaz, the Cooin UI kit contains everything you need to create an app or website that deals with digital currencies.

Also check out these resources for designing Office and Office 365 experiences with the Adobe XD toolkit for Office UI Fabric from Microsoft as well as Sharepoint experiences with the Sharepoint XD toolkit

You can download other UI resources for iOS, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and Google Material from within Adobe XD either from the Start screen or the File menu (File -> Get UI kits)

Looking for tips on how to get started with UI kits? Check out this brief guide as well as other tutorials on designing, prototyping, and sharing with XD here.

Do you have feedback on the kits? Let us know on Uservoice.

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