Adobe Accelerates Customer Experience Management for B2B Marketers with Video Capabilities from Vidyard

Marketo Engage includes video capabilities to help marketers accelerate pipeline and prove impact of video marketing efforts.

Adobe Accelerates Customer Experience Management for B2B Marketers with Video Capabilities from Vidyard
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Seventy percent of B2B buyers are watching videos to help make their buying decisions. The sight, sound and motion of video has long been a draw for B2B marketers as way to effectively engage with their audiences.

But relying on traditional video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, has its limitations. Marketers are struggling to measure the ROI of their videos and understand how the medium can move prospects through the purchase funnel. Historically, marketers haven’t had the ability to control and customize the viewing experience, so when they put their brand’s video on YouTube, they have no control over what video YouTube recommends next. Because of the keywords, it’s not unusual for a competitor’s video to pop up next. Additionally, traditional video platforms provide limited access to valuable metrics which are key to driving video marketing strategies.

In order to give B2B marketers the ability to prove and improve the impact of their video marketing efforts, Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud in Adobe Experience Cloud, today announced an extension to its partnership with Vidyard built on the integration of Vidyard’s video marketing capabilities directly within the Marketo Engage application. Marketo Engage customers are able to use Vidyard’s video platform and user interface to unlock the power of video insights and behaviors from a single solution, and access unique functionality designed specifically for Marketo Engage users.

With video capabilities from Vidyard, Marketo Engage empowers B2B marketers to lead in customer experience management (CXM) and drive business value by engaging with customers where they are, when they want and with a personalized experience on the channels they prefer—every time.

“Marketo Engage is a leader in marketing automation software, and by offering Vidyard’s video marketing capabilities alongside Marketo Engage we are enabling marketers to fully unlock the power of video to engage with audiences at every step of the complex buyer journey,” said Greg Kelly, Head of Strategic Alliances, Vidyard.

The new video marketing capabilities for Marketo Engage users include the ability to:

  • Fully customize a responsive playback experience: The video player lets marketers add calls-to-action, like Marketo Engage forms, gates, links and more, to truly deliver a customizable and responsive playback experience, all while generating qualified leads. The player also lets marketers embed their videos across their company’s website, with social functionality built in to maximize discoverability.
  • Gain a detailed view into video analytics: Vidyard’s viewer analytics directly inside Marketo Engage allows marketers to optimize videos, score leads and accounts based on engagement, and understand how video is impacting revenue – all in real-time. Detailed analytics from Vidyard can tell marketers how individual prospects are consuming video and deliver this data directly into Marketo Engage for more accurate qualification and impactful nurturing of leads and accounts.
  • Upload, download, store unlimited assets and share videos anywhere: Marketers can manage videos with ease, have complete control of the content and data, and apply the company’s brand on the video or video hosting site. By giving marketers full control of the video hosting experience, they can adapt to customer or business needs faster and easier, delivering the experience their customers desire most.
  • Automatically optimize videos for maximum discoverability: Videos will automatically optimize themselves for SEO, helping marketers drive more traffic to their website. Additional capabilities that help with ranking include automatic transcriptions, captions, metadata data and XML sitemaps.
  • Showcase videos in an organized, branded and distraction-free channel: Keeping your audiences engaged is key, which is why it’s important for the Video Hub to showcase the company’s collection of videos on a branded webpage. Marketers have the flexibility to customize the pages and facilitate content consumption to meet their goals and can quickly access player analytics and insights.

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