Adobe Introduces New PDF Capabilities Across Acrobat, Reader and Scan to Help People Be More Productive from Anywhere

Adobe Introduces New PDF Capabilities Across Acrobat, Reader and Scan to Help People Be More Productive from Anywhere
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We recently debuted an all-new Adobe Acrobat DC that changed the perception of what’s possible with PDF. You could instantly start sharing PDFs via trackable link and stop sending attachments and zip files into the email abyss. This reimagined share experience led to an industry-first PDF review service, tailormade for managing feedback from multiple reviewers, in real-time, without having to send one-off “For Review” emails or juggle multiple versions. We also delivered a brand-new Home view which provided crystal clear visibility into all your PDF activity – shares, reviews, signed documents and more! Acrobat DC subscribers loved the new experience and more than 7 million PDFs are now being shared through the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app each and every month.

Today, we’re delivering feature-packed releases to more than 800 million subscribers and free users across Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Scan. As we continue to cement Adobe’s PDF tools as the most mobile, most connected and most collaborative available, we’re introducing more innovative ways to view and review, search, share, organize, clean up and edit PDFs. Here’s what we’re delivering today and how it will help you get more done with your PDFs:

  • Edit PDFs on smartphones – Editing is now available in the Acrobat Reader mobile app, on iOS and Android. Acrobat Pro DC subscribers can now easily change text, formatting, and edit lists or add, rotate and resize images in a PDF with just a few taps. This is perfect for making last minute changes on the fly when you have the PDF but not the source file – like fixing a date or a typo on a contract, or swapping out an image or text on a presentation.
  • Star PDFs to Document Cloud – Keep important files at your fingertips by simply starring so you’ll always be able to find the right file at the right time – just like favoriting emails, photos or songs in other apps you know and love. Starred files stored in Document Cloud are easily discoverable and available across all your devices from the Home view. This is handy for keeping things like insurance forms, emergency contact details and any important files front and center, without searching.
  • Launch reviews with @mention – Kick off a PDF review right from the comment tool with an @mention. This is helpful for situations when you’re marking up a PDF and realize that you need someone else’s opinion to resolve conflicting feedback on text or graphics. You can now turn your one-person comment session into a shared review by simply @mentioning anyone. Acrobat will invite them to review the PDF right alongside you in real time.
  • Clean up PDFs in Adobe Scan – Erase creases, folds, stains, smudges, stray pen marks and more with an industry-first cleanup tool in Adobe Scan. We borrowed Adobe imaging technology from popular creative apps, think Photoshop or Lightroom, to clean up imperfections and heal the background for a flawless finish. Now, more than 35 million iOS and Android devices have smarter paper to digital scanning technology.
  • Search content within PDFs – Surface all relevant PDFs with new search functionality in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. Search moves beyond just looking at file names and can now dig through PDFs saved in Document Cloud to find the words or phrases you’re looking for, saving you time and energy.
  • Compress and protect with 1 click – Compress and password protect files without sifting through menus or changing tools. Reducing a PDF’s file size and protecting the information within are essential actions for true PDF power users. Now, slimming down a bloated file or protecting information against PDF predators is easier than ever with 1-click options directly in the File menu, from whatever tool you’re using.
  • Prepare forms for multiple signers – Prepare forms for one or more signers easily in Acrobat. Start with an existing form, or start from scratch, in the new Prepare Forms tool. You can add and edit text in a form, as well as in a form field, and include one or more signers to get your contract over the finish line with ease.
  • Deep integration with Box – Joint Adobe and Box customers will be able to seamlessly access the full collaboration and editing power of Acrobat within the Box environment – without switching apps or opening a new one – making them more productive, whether on the web, on a smartphone, or on a desktop computer. This major partnership milestone was announced at BoxWorks and will be delivered over the next several months.

With all the innovation we’re delivering, it’s no wonder why Acrobat Pro DC was named PCWorld Editors’ Choice for 2019. In fact, Acrobat Pro DC users can save up to 65 hours per year by digitizing paper-based tasks – reducing rework by converting and editing PDFs, managing documents by sending and tracking, speeding signature processes with built-in e-signatures and using Acrobat mobile to continue critical work outside of the office. This, according to The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Acrobat DC, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe in August 2019.

We know that your time is precious and that’s why we’re constantly adding new features and delivering more value through all of our PDF tools – so that you can get more done with the PDFs you work with every day, from wherever you choose. Our free PDF tools like Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader are already amazing for turning physical paper into digital files that you can do more with. As an Acrobat DC subscriber, the possibilities grow exponentially. You automatically get the most PDF power across desktop, web and mobile right when we release it. Subscribe to Acrobat DC today to be more mobile, more collaborative, more connected and PDF like a boss!

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