Adobe Advances E-Signatures for Dropbox Users

Adobe Advances E-Signatures for Dropbox Users
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Since inventing PDF over 25 years ago, Adobe has delivered continuous innovation for digital documents, reinventing how people get work done, and making all of our lives a bit easier and more streamlined. Dropbox shares a similar vision, and since 2015 we have worked together to simplify PDF workflows by enabling consumers, small-to-medium sized businesses, and the enterprise to apply the power of Adobe Acrobat DC to the billions of PDFs stored in Dropbox. Working together, we’ve enabled joint customers to open a PDF from the Dropbox website, iPhone or iPad app, and edit it with Acrobat DC on desktop or Acrobat Reader on mobile. With Acrobat DC, you can edit text, organize pages, convert PDFs to their original format and more. And all changes made to the document are automatically saved right back to Dropbox.

Today Adobe and Dropbox are announcing the next major milestone in our partnership to help joint customers get more done with documents, from wherever they choose to work. As part of Dropbox’s introduction of Dropbox Extensions, Adobe is excited to deliver one of the first integrations out the gate, Send for Signature with Adobe Sign. Using Adobe Sign, the leading e-signature solution powering over half the Fortune 100, Dropbox users can quickly and easily send Word and PDF documents for signature, directly from within Dropbox.

Here’s how Send for Signature with Adobe Sign will work:

  • Select a Word or PDF file in your Dropbox folder that you want to get signed.
  • Click on the “Open With” button and select Adobe Sign under the “Send for Signature” category.
  • Type in the signer/recipient’s email address. You can also customize a number of settings including password protection and reminders.
  • Add more signature fields that indicate where you need a signature or initial with a single click. This is powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, that automatically detects where the fields are needed and inserts them for you.
  • Recipients can sign documents from any device.
  • Senders can track real-time notifications that let them know where the document is in the signature process like whether the document was opened and signedAll signed documents are automatically added to the sender’s Dropbox folder.

Adobe Sign makes it easier than ever to incorporate e-signatures into the way individuals and companies of all sizes do business. And now hundreds of millions of Dropbox users get access to the power and simplicity of Adobe Sign.

While this is a key milestone in Adobe’s work with Dropbox, it’s just the beginning. We’ll continue to offer joint customers the flexibility to work the way they want with documents at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Stay tuned for more, starting with a future Dropbox Extension that will enable the world’s best PDF editing with Adobe Acrobat DC.

Send for Signature for Adobe Sign in Dropbox Extensions is expected to be available by end of year. Learn more about today’s announcement here.

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