Adobe Advertising Cloud Advances Personalization of TV Advertising With Industry-Firsts

Adobe to remedy the fact that only 26 percent of brands strongly agree that “our organization is proficient in how it connects planning and execution for our TV advertising.”

Adobe Advertising Cloud Advances Personalization of TV Advertising With Industry-Firsts
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Adobe today released the results of an independent survey of over 1,000 U.S. TV buyers and executives at brands and agencies. Among the findings:

  • Only 26 percent of brands strongly agree that “our organization is proficient in how it connects planning and execution for our TV advertising.”
  • Marketers still rank TV higher than most digital formats — including audio, display, native, out-of-home, search and social — in the “ability to build an emotional connection with a brand.”
  • Less than one-third (28 percent) of brands have integrated digital audience data into their TV ad buys. However, over two in three (68 percent) plan to do so in the next 12 months.

The results corroborate what many in the industry already know: despite recent progress in extending automation and data-driven buying to TV, most TV buys are still planned and executed manually with limited targeting and measurement. And the stakes couldn’t be higher, as most marketers still believe that TV is unique in its ability to make emotional connections to consumers.

That’s why Adobe launched Adobe Advertising Cloud TV — the most widely used solution in the industry for automated, data-driven planning and buying of addressable, over-the top and linear television advertising across screens — last year. Since its debut, the platform has made progress both in terms of access to top inventory, targeting capabilities through a direct integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud and continued automation of media management.

Today, at Adobe Advertising Cloud University — an annual client conference now in its seventh year — Adobe unveiled new integrations and capabilities to propel TV advertising into a new renaissance fueled by automation, precision, relevance and effectiveness.

Linking addressable and linear TV planning, execution

Integrations include:

  • Nielsen National TV Ratings: Adobe Advertising Cloud TV continues to leverage Nielsen’s National TV audience measurement for TV ad decisioning, fueling its linear TV planning and measurement capabilities. Nielsen has provided the currency that powers linear television ad sales for decades with its geographically and demographically representative panel reflective of the total television universe. Using Nielsen’s National TV ratings data, buyers can successfully plan, target and measure linear TV campaigns within Adobe Advertising Cloud using audiences defined by age and gender, as well as advertiser-defined audiences including but not limited to those based on attitudinal, purchase intent, and extended psychographic profiles.
  • Experian: Adobe Advertising Cloud TV customers can leverage audience data from Experian’s ConsumerViewSM and Mosaic® USA for planning and buying of linear TV for the first time. The ConsumerView database provides insight on more than 300 million individuals and 126 million households, while Mosaic USA is a proprietary household segmentation system of 19 overarching groups and 71 unique types of consumers. These solution sets help marketers better understand demographics, income, purchase history and behavioral preferences in order to make the right marketing decisions and better connect with people.
  • Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS): Adobe Advertising Cloud TV is also now integrated with NCS Buyergraphics to enable buyers to plan and target against the actual purchase behavior of over 90 million households. NCS features over 850 audience segments pre-built for turn-key activation, along with infinite custom segments, all based on years of purchase data across retailers.

Altogether, Advertising Cloud TV now enables marketers to ingest audience data from top partners as well as first-party data from Adobe Analytics Cloud to create TV plans targeting discrete audiences — and then automate buys based on the latest pricing and audience data.

The updates are the latest way that Adobe Advertising Cloud TV is helping to solve a common pain-point for advertisers: TV planning is often divorced from execution. In practice, sometimes highly optimized plans do not take into account all of the latest pricing and inventory data for forecasting. With Adobe Advertising Cloud TV, everything from planning to execution is tightly linked and automated.

New access to inventory

Building on Adobe Advertising Cloud TV’s automated connection to NBCUniversal, which debuted earlier this year, several new integrations are opening up new inventory and channels.

Adobe Advertising Cloud TV and clypd are now integrated, furthering data-driven TV buying through automated software. Designed to connect advertisers and national TV media owners in a seamless way, the integration leverages a standard set of API’s for a live view of inventory, transaction of orders and receipt of reporting data. The new development allows platform users a simple and easy experience to buying high value audience segments within premium TV content at scale and for media owners to gain access to new streams of demand using platform technology.

Also building on Advertising Cloud’s objective of driving further automation in TV, today the platform also debuted an integration with Cadent to enable automated transactions of TV inventory at national scale through software. Adobe and Cadent can now together help advertisers reach target audiences using first and third-party data, at national scale, across a wide range of networks in an end-to-end automated fashion. This new development presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to leverage their most important data to make smarter buying decisions while eliminating inefficiencies in the traditional TV buying workflow.

Advances in ROI measurement

Through an innovative use of automatic content recognition technology and Adobe’s proprietary device graph, Advertising Cloud TV has been accelerating toward making the offline and online performance attribution of TV campaigns as simple as digital media. In fact, over half of TV buys on Adobe Advertising Cloud featured such attribution whether it was TV-to-website conversion reporting, brand surveys, or offline sales attribution.

Key measurement partners debuting today include Placed, the industry standard for attributing ad exposures to store visits. Placed Attribution for TV measures the impact of linear, addressable, and over the top (OTT) advertising on store visits across one in three adults in the U.S. with a location-enabled device.

In addition, Adobe has recently integrated with multiple credit/debit card data sets, offline ROI providers, multi-touch attribution vendors and app install partners to provide first-to-market performance and sales insights for linear TV campaigns.

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