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Adobe Analytics Cheat Sheet for Summit 2018

Adobe Analytics Cheat Sheet for Summit 2018

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It’s almost that time of year again. We’re excited to have you join us at Adobe Summit 2018, the world’s largest digital marketing conference!

It’s been an amazing first year for the Analytics Cloud and we’re looking forward to featuring our sessions in the Analytics & Data Management track. With so many incredible things to see and do, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate all things Adobe Analytics.

The road to Summit

When we started preparing for Summit several months ago, we gathered all of our Adobe Analytics experts in one room to explore topics for sessions, labs, and breakouts. We referenced many resources to guide our conversation, including the most recent industry research, latest trends, and emerging technologies. Although we discussed many different aspects of the analytics industry, we spent the vast majority of our time focusing on just one area — our customers.

Based on conversations with hundreds of customers over this past year, we identified three main themes for this year’s analytics sessions at Adobe Summit, which address some of the most prevalent challenges facing enterprise organizations today.

Theme #1: More advanced analytics, more value

As analytics capabilities continue to advance, there’s a clear correlation between a company’s analytics maturity and their ROI. These sessions focus on how users and organizations can ramp up their analytics practices and advanced feature usage to discover more value, and thereby separate themselves from the competition to become elite.

Theme #2: Data for one and all

Analytics is no longer reserved for a select few marketing teams. To stay competitive in today’s market, data must be democratized across the entire organization. Every function within the organization, from engineering to sales, needs to use data to direct their decisions. In these sessions, you’ll learn how your internal teams can become more data-driven to solve business problems and discover value.

Theme #3: Customer Intelligence Fuels Action

Data without action is dead. Analytics is more than just collecting data and insights — analytics is a means to an end. The actions you take as a result of the intelligence you’ve gathered is what makes all the difference. By attending these sessions, you’ll discover how to integrate your insights into other customer-touching technologies, thereby moving beyond the charts and numbers to see tangible results.

Popular Sessions

The numbers don’t lie. Hundreds of attendees have already registered for these must-see sessions. There’s a handful of returning favorites and several exciting and new features to see.

Hands-on Labs

Practice makes perfect. Put your learnings in action as our experts walk you through all the steps.

Bonus Surprise…

Sign up for the Analytics Insider programto receive access to an exclusive new experience at Summit. Come to the VIP Analytics Insider Lounge reserved for members only. Retreat from the rest of the conference to enjoy time with Adobe Analytics experts, receive free prizes, and more.

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