Introducing the New Adobe Sign: First Open, Cloud-Based Digital Signatures and More

Introducing the New Adobe Sign: First Open, Cloud-Based Digital Signatures and More
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With over 7 billion mobile devices worldwide, more and more applications based in the cloud, and cyber threats at an all-time high, demand has surged for simple and secure ways to sign and manage documents on smartphones and tablets.

Today we are announcing four key pieces of news for Adobe Sign that help address that demand:

  • Building on our legacy of creating open standards where none exist, we’ve rallied the industry to deliver the first open standard for cloud-based digital signatures.
  • Adobe is now the first to deliver cloud-based digital signatures built on a new, open standard in any browser and on any device.
  • Adobe Sign is expanding beyond signatures with complete end-to-end digital workflows.
  • Adobe Sign now includes mobile tools, powered by Adobe Sensei, for scanning, reading, routing and signing documents.

Cloud-based digital signatures: Now built on an open standard

Last June, we announced the Cloud Signature Consortium, an Adobe-led group of leading industry and academic organizations, with the goal of helping people easily sign documents that require the highest level of compliance, like healthcare forms or mortgage applications. Today, we take a digital leap forward with the new open standard being made available by the Consortium, and introducing the first cloud-based digital signature solution built on that standard. What this means is that Adobe Sign now enables signing with digital IDs on any browser, on any mobile device. This is especially important in highly regulated or high-value use cases like healthcare, for example, when a doctor is signing a document that contains medical information for a patient under her care, or in the banking industry, when a mortgage specialist needs to approve large value loans with a signature.

Streamlined business workflows

Adobe Sign is now about more than just signatures and approvals. It now enables the efficient, fast flow of documents and tasks across teams, regardless of whether or not a formal signature is needed. The new capabilities are mobile, customizable, and easy-to-use.  They include:

  • Advanced document routing that goes beyond signing and leverages automation that allows participants to fill out a form without signing or clicking to accept, or requesting a certified proof of delivery.
  • SharePoint integration enabling SharePoint’s 160 million users to add Adobe Sign to SharePoint Workflows, making it easy to request signatures, track progress, and securely archive documents all within the SharePoint environment.
  • Efficient online workflows that allow participants to automatically generate, send, and track documents through a real-time, custom dashboard.

Adobe Sensei powers innovations in mobile signing

Through Adobe Sensei, our new framework of intelligent services that leverages machine learning and AI, paper-to-PDF has never been cleaner, simpler, and quicker. The new Scan tool in the Adobe Sign mobile app, powered by Adobe Sensei, lets you quickly scan printed documents, and then send for signature and sign from any mobile device, wherever you are. More new mobile features in Adobe Sign include:

  • Reflow text in reading mode ensures that people receiving long documents can easily read the content, even on the smallest devices.
  • Track and manage signatures with a new tracking widget without opening the Adobe Sign mobile app.

Signing is everywhere

Whether you work in sales, human resources, financial services, government, healthcare, or you’re just managing your personal finances, we all want an easier way to get work done. Today we’ve taken a huge leap forward and delivered some great technology, which will help people and businesses get work done faster. Check out all the latest and let us know what you think!

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