Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Accelerate the Customer Journey

Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Accelerate the Customer Journey
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Forms – They’re everywhere. Every day, many people still print them, sign them, scan them back into digital format, and then email them. That process has become so confusing that people tend to incorrectly fill out documents, misplace files or even drop off entirely, which results in revenue loss. The digital transformation happening worldwide has made that old paradigm for forms obsolete. It’s no longer good enough, for example, for enrollment forms in financial services, healthcare, and government to be a fragmented mix of paper and digital. The key is keeping the customer journey 100% digital—from the time a potential customer first experiences your brand on their mobile device with a form, to the time they become a customer, not only delivering the best experience but also helping to attract new customers and maximize revenue.

Today, we’re excited to announce enhancements to the integration between Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms that turn complex, forms-based processes into simple, engaging, mobile-optimized digital experiences across the entire customer journey. Key capabilities include adaptive forms, capturing legally binding signatures from one or more signers, and custom dashboards to track and manage forms. With the integrated solution, the entire end-to-end process is completely digital.

Streamlining Digital Enrollment

With Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms, banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and government agencies can now enable people to easily find the form they need online, fill it out on any device, electronically sign it, and know that it has been submitted. Here’s an example of what the new integration enhancements can do through the process of applying for a mortgage loan.

  • Adaptive experiences: The journey starts with a prospective homeowner, Michael, clicking on a bank’s search ad for refinancing loans on his desktop computer. He’s shown a form where he selects the mortgage he’s interested in. After completing a few more steps, Michael stops the process to take a phone call, so he clicks a “Come Back Later” button to have a draft of the form sent to him. When he continues the application process on his mobile phone later, Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager enable a fully responsive viewing and form filling experience automatically adapting to different screen sizes.
  • Additional signers: Michael then indicates that his wife will be a co-borrower in the form. Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager automatically updates the form with a section for her information. He completes the form, signs it and submits it – all from his mobile device. Once it’s submitted, the form is automatically sent to his wife for her signature.
  • Intelligent, data-driven dashboard: Back at the bank, the mortgage specialist accesses a custom dashboard created with Adobe Experience Manager Forms displaying all mortgage applications. She sees that the homeowner’s qualifications were automatically evaluated using intelligent data integration, making it fast and easy for her to approve the loan within the dashboard. She confirms both parties have signed the form, and then approves it herself. The mortgage specialist can also review the audit trail for this loan at any time, anywhere.

Connecting the Customer Journey

The explosion of mobile devices and an overreliance on paper has broken the user experience. Brands need better visibility into how their customers are experiencing forms. Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms help companies like this bank create 100% digital customer journeys that connect them with and delight their customers.

Learn more about Adobe Sign and Experience Manager Forms for paperless onboarding here, and read about today’s announcement of Adobe Experience Cloud, including key integrations across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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