Adobe Summit 2020: The Fast Lane to Great Customer Experiences

Adobe Summit 2020: The Fast Lane to Great Customer Experiences
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In the automotive industry, we’re experiencing an array of challenges after record-setting growth in the past decades. Our highly competitive market faces rapid disruption, thanks to mobility options that range from autonomous driving and car sharing to electrification and connectivity. Original equipment manufacturers struggle to break data silos across brands, dealers, and services, and strive to become software-mature. And new competitors — like Google and Tesla — grow increasingly proficient at manufacturing vehicles.

All of us are learning that to compete on customer experience, we can’t look only within the automotive industry. The last best experience consumers had in any industry is the benchmark they’ll use to measure the next experience they have with you. And automotive does not stand alone. A range of industries — high-tech, media, entertainment, retail, financial services, travel — are all embedded, blurring the lines and raising consumer expectations for what we deliver.

If you’re intent on offering more engaging customer experiences and better managing the customer journey, Adobe Summit 2020 is a must-attend event. By giving you the chance to learn how the front-runners in automotive and other industries make customers happy, we’ll help you excel in the evolving automotive marketplace.

Accelerate customer engagement

For automotive brands looking for what’s next in the industry, the industry super session is a can’t-miss. You’ll learn about several critical digital trends and how they translate into tangible outcomes. And you’ll see how Adobe helps customers unify customer profiles and deliver meaningful, consistent experiences, regardless of channel. Here’s the lineup:

SS10 – Customer Experience in the Fast Lane – Accelerating Engagement in Automotive on Wednesday, April 1, from 2-3:30 p.m., will highlight:

  • Findings from the Adobe Digital Trends in Automotive Report, with Axel Heyenga, industry strategy director at Adobe.
  • Unique automotive brands engaging with their loyal customers, from Shera Polzer, manager of IT for CRM, Subaru.
  • Customer experiences in the automotive consumer journey, with a special emphasis on engaging in the last mile — the dealership

Discover driving forces for customer experience

Adobe Summit 2020 offers other keynotes and breakouts relevant to the automotive industry. These sessions explore the customer journey, the technology behind the best experiences, and brands pioneering the way.

GS107 – Innovation Keynote: Customer Journey Management is part of an innovation series, new for 2020. This session will delve into product announcements, new features, and customer demos focused on customer journeys.

MS805 – Taking a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes Across All Channels explains how one company mapped its complete customer journey and created a seamless customer experience.

S948 – Welcome to the Era of Augmented Analytics addresses the struggle to integrate and analyze data from different technology platforms and apps that support the omnichannel digital experience.

S902 – HP and MediaMonks: Pioneering the Path to Personalized User Journeys examines how to combine customer data from several sources to streamline the shopping experience and make it more fun and engaging.

S938 – The Digital Happiness Revolution: Harnessing Behavioral Data to Make Every Experience Count investigates how to create remarkable customer journeys every time, stay ahead of consumer expectations, and uncover hidden customer experience and revenue opportunities.

S115 – First Steps to Visualize the Customer Journey gives you valuable insights into the customer journey through your website or application and how your customers use it.

S763 – Measurement Magic: Using Analytics and Attribution for the Buying Journey explores how you can make data-driven decisions with confidence and create impactful touchpoints and journeys.

Fuel up with great conversation and drinks

The chance to network with the best of the best and learn from leaders across all industries may be the most compelling reason to attend Adobe Summit 2020. Hear success stories, share experiences, get hands-on advice, and gain inspiration from colleagues who are winning at engaging customers and managing journeys.

Due to limited seating, be sure to sign up early for the automotive roundtable for a chance to talk with your peers about the customer experience challenges you face. Also meet old friends and new at the Welcome Reception, Community Mixer, Summit Sneaks, and the eagerly awaited Summit Bash. And visit the Community Pavilion to talk with Adobe experts and see the latest technologies and services from Summit sponsors.

Map your journey

As you’re planning your trip to Adobe Summit 2020, make certain you schedule the automotive super session and several (or all) of the recommended sessions above. And put at least a few of the networking events on your calendar as well. We all look forward to seeing you.

Get the show on the road

Register today for Adobe Summit 2020 in Las Vegas to gain insights, develop skills, and reimagine the exceptional experiences your automotive customers expect.

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