Adobe Target Announces New Innovations that Deliver Personalization Easier, Smarter and Faster

New recommendations, customization and mobile features advance Customer Experience Management (CXM) across all touch points.

Adobe Target Announces New Innovations that Deliver Personalization Easier, Smarter and Faster
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These days, personalization is much more than delighting customers during specific moments. Personalization is sought after by customers, and therefore, it has become a requirement for brands to be successful and remain competitive regardless of industry – from lead nurturing with B2B-focused companies, to rewards and loyalty in the travel industry.

Adobe Target, the personalization solution of Adobe Experience Cloud, provides brands worldwide with a strategy to address brands’ personalization needs. And because customer expectations are changing at an extraordinary pace, it’s important to us to refine and accelerate the ease and speed that Adobe Target clients are executing on their most impactful personalization activities. To help marketers and developers achieve personalization faster and more easily across all visitor interactions and touch points, we’re excited to preview new Adobe Target innovations that will be available to customers in the coming weeks.

These powerful personalization features include:

  • More tailored and personalized recommendations based on customer behavior: Continued digital engagement and conversations with customers is key in today’s hyper-active world, which is why a recommendations feature is one of the most powerful tools to help marketers and developers to quickly achieve personalization. Yet, brands often base recommendations solely on the last item viewed/purchased or the most recent behavior, which limits their ability to deliver a broader, more all-encompassing personalized recommendation. With Adobe Target’s new “Recommended for You” algorithm, recommendations respect users’ choices and use their individual behavior, like browsing snowboarding boots and jackets in the fall, to infer underlying interests and deliver the most relevant suggestions, like new gloves, right before their outdoors winter vacation. The customizable recommendations algorithm leverages AI and machine learning from Adobe Sensei, to deliver an array of most relevant product, content and offer suggestions in scenarios where there is little direct context. This new recommendation algorithm is a continuation of our commitment to a privacy-by-design approach within our products and solutions. Marketers can implement the algorithm to surface these recommendations in minutes – respecting users’ choices – without relying on technical developers or manual processes.
  • Rapid mobile app personalization deployment: We’ve heard from many marketers and developers that they’re delaying mobile personalization efforts due to perceptions of complexity with mobile app deployments of a personalization solution. To make it as simple as possible for brands to achieve personalization across all customer touch points – including mobile apps—we’re introducing new mobile app tutorials, sample code, sample applications and enhanced documentation that highlight personalization best practices step-by-step.
  • New SDKs for faster, customizable omni-channel deployment of Adobe Target: With server-side deployments for personalization on the rise, marketers are looking for a single solution with both server and client-side deployments. Target uniquely delivers this within the same account. It also offers server-side deployment for more technical personalization actions where a developer provides support, such as personalizing the steps within a checkout buy-flow. Also, to continue evolving our server-side deployment methods for improved ease and speed, we’re introducing Node.js and Java SDKs in Adobe Target, enabling easier implementation using the popular Node.js environments or Java programming language.
  • Fast-track personalization expertise with Adobe Experience League: Join the ranks of the leading practitioners in personalization as we share the wisdom and best practices, gathered from the most successful Adobe Target personalization programs, for training you on your path to mastery. Marketers and developers of all skill levels can get ramped up on Adobe Target by taking advantage of resources in a brand-new module, including new videos, articles, tutorials and other resources, in Adobe Experience League, Adobe’s personalized learning services for Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Enhanced privacy and security: At Adobe, privacy and security are top of mind, building on our strong privacy and security foundation, as well as being a trusted partner to our customers. For the most recent Apple Safari ITP 2.1 & 2.2 protocols as well as Google SameSite Chrome v.80 (coming in early 2020), Adobe Target will continue to work with the browser owners to help preserve the ability to deliver personalization, while respecting user choices, across channel with limited impact using our server-side data collection.

Recent adopters see how effortless it is to execute quick wins right out of the gate, such as category affinity targeting and recommendations on the homepage. With Adobe Target, it’s easy to get started and responsibly harness the power of data, while respecting user choices at the user’s initial interaction, delivering automated targeted landing pages and providing the next best offers, content and recommendations – throughout the entire customer’s journey. More seasoned Adobe Target customers are achieving higher levels of personalization mastery faster than before, including connecting personalization in-app to a triggered, personalized screen and recommendations from a store clerk directly in-store. For more information on Adobe Target, visit

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