Adobe XD integration with Dropbox Paper

Bring clarity to projects and move teams to action.

Adobe XD integration with Dropbox Paper
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It takes collaboration and teamwork to bring new designs to life. Bringing clarity to that shared vision is often the difference between team chaos and team harmony.

Today we’re excited to announce Adobe XD’s integration with Dropbox Paper. The new integration enables users to collaborate on shared documents in real-time and preview rich interactive prototypes, right in Paper. This integration marks an expansion of our partnership efforts to encourage teams to unleash their creative energy through streamlining team coordination and communication.

“We’re constantly iterating, with a goal of making the design process more efficient with Adobe XD,” said Vijay Vachani, Director, Creative Cloud partner platform and ecosystem for Adobe.

“The deeper integration with Dropbox brings more clarity to projects and more quickly moves designers and their cross-functional teams to action.”

Paper lets teams edit together in real-time, right alongside to-do lists—making it easier to plan projects, run brainstorms, and hold meetings. Adobe XD helps users quickly design, prototype and share interactive prototypes for websites, apps and more, all in one solution. And now, with the new integration, when you paste an Adobe XD link in Dropbox Paper, your cross-functional team members can reference the latest revisions alongside the context they need to keep their initiatives on track.

With the new integration, users can:

  • Share and preview XD prototype links. No matter their department or role, your collaborators will be able to see an embedded, interactive preview of the XD prototype in Dropbox Paper on web, Android, and iOS.
  • Simplify design collaboration. Members of your team will be able to comment and annotate, as well as store other key project items together directly in Dropbox Paper.
  • Update XD prototypes seamlessly. Clicking on the XD link in Dropbox Paper allows designers to access familiar features within the Adobe XD interface. When someone updates a prototype, those changes are reflected within Dropbox Paper.

“Adobe XD and Creative Cloud have been critical partners in making life easier for designers and creatives leveraging Dropbox and Dropbox Paper,” said Neil Sethi, product manager, Dropbox Paper. “By coupling our products, we are empowering teams to focus their energy on the creative process and avoid burnout.”

To learn more about XD for Dropbox Paper, check out the Dropbox help center article or learn more about Adobe XD CC.

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