Announcing the Analytics Rockstar Tour

Announcing the Analytics Rockstar Tour
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Our search for the next Analytics Idol is starting a little early this year! If you’ve attended Adobe Summit over the past few years, you might have witnessed this fun, fast-paced, and informative session where Adobe Analytics users help their peers become rockstars by sharing their top tips and tricks. Rather than wait until 2018 in Vegas, we want to get these stars on stage as a part of our inaugural Analytics Rockstar Tour! And don’t worry, if you’re not interested in presenting, you can still join as an attendee here (no tickets or ticket fees)!

Here’s how budding rockstars can grace the stage: submit two tips through our online form and select which city on the tour you wish to attend. The tour is making stops in New York City (October 17), Chicago (October 19), and San Francisco (November 1). We’ll then curate the best tips for each city and help you prep your presentation for the event. After everyone has presented, the audience will vote live on the winner! The winner will receive bragging rights and a free pass to Summit 2018 where they will present in Las Vegas and hopefully get crowned Analytics Idol!

To be considered for the Analytics Rockstar Tour panel, you must submit your two best tips using the following online form. To give some context for the kinds of tips we’re looking for, I’ll share what each panelist presented at last year’s Analytics Idol session:

Brad Millett (Blast A&M)

  • Use data from your Activity Map to automatically fill in gaps in data.
  • Define and visualize your customer’s journey.

Hila Dahan (33 Sticks)

  • Though difficult, connecting the disparate dots along a customer’s journey is vital.
  • Democratize analytics data through an integration with Slack.

Rob Adams (W.W. Grainger)

Prolet Miteva (Autodesk)

  • Motivate your team to be passionate about data.
  • Know the potential audience size you can target for personalization and testing.

David Bressler (Net Conversion)

  • When event data is missing, use stats, page views, and correlation analysis to fill in gaps.
  • Create a calculated metric that truly shows average page-load time.

Hopefully, these tips spark some potential ideas that you could submit. We’re looking for tips that would help your analytics peers uncover new and deeper insights or perform their daily tasks more efficiently or effectively. Ultimately, your judges will be the attendees in the audience as they will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite tips live! If you’re debating whether your ideas pass muster, please submit them as you may underestimate how valuable they would be to others (they don’t have to be overly complicated or technical to be well-received).

Initially, we’ll be screening your tips by how innovative, practical, and valuable they are as well as how broadly they could be used by analysts at other companies in different industries. Participating in this session will be a great opportunity to come to Adobe Summit, establish your personal brand within the industry, and share your expertise with grateful peers.

All submissions need to be received by Tuesday, October 3, and we’ll reach out to all the applicants the following week with next steps.

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