Cory Hudson

Cory is an industry-recognized expert with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising. Cory is the US Creative Director for Jellyfish, a global digital marketing agency specializing in the creation of perfect digital journeys that are immersive, engaging and flawlessly delivered across all screens and platforms. Cory is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible within digital advertising and dedicated to delivering compelling experiences that seamlessly merge creativity and technology with strong purpose and meaningful interaction in order to effectively inspire consumers. Previously at AOL, Cory led a large cross-disciplinary team focused on creating impactful ad experiences for some of the most prominent advertisers in the world, as well as driving innovation within AOL's ad products. Cory also serves as Chair of the IAB's HTML5 Working Group, leading an industry-wide group of experts who have worked collaboratively to establish standardized HTML5 Advertising Best Practices. He's been awarded multiple IAB Service Excellence Awards for his contributions towards this significant initiative. Cory also frequently speaks at industry conferences and directly consults with well-known advertisers in order to improve the effectiveness of their HTML5 advertising efforts. You can contact Cory via Email, Twitter or LinkedIn.