B2B at Adobe Summit 2020 — Don’t Miss It!

B2B at Adobe Summit 2020 — Don’t Miss It!
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The business-to-business ( B2B) buyer has changed and, as a result, the B2B buying process has changed. B2B organizations struggle to adjust this rapid transformation, their customers demand new ways of doing business, the competitive landscape is in constant flux, end-users now demand attention, and distribution channels are dramatically evolving. Surviving in the new world of B2B requires agility, innovation, insight, and action.

Come join other great B2B experience-driven minds this March at Adobe Summit 2020. B2B experiences will be a central theme at this year’s Summit. B2B professionals will learn how leading B2B brands are pushing the limits of marketing and are delivering compelling and effective experiences to their customers. Topics (with examples of sessions) will include:

B2B differentiation through customer experience:

Using metrics and data to turn from cost center to profit center:

Creating and orchestrating account-based experiences:

Delivering compelling B2B e-commerce experiences:

Uncovering and taking action on customer insights:

Maximizing efficiencies to reduce costs:

See how top brands are breaking down the broad and complex data silos, orchestrating complex buyer and account journeys, serving the diverse stakeholders in the B2B ecosystem, and taking advantage of emerging technologies to increase revenue and reduce costs. Some of the great B2B minds sharing their expertise at Summit this year include leaders from NVIDIA, Cisco, BASF, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Amazon Pay, Honeywell, HP Enterprise, Infosys, and VMWare.

Adobe Summit 2020 will provide ample opportunity for B2B leaders to interact and learn from their peers. A B2B innovation keynote session will highlight new capabilities used by B2B innovators; B2B leaders will share how they reinvented their B2B approach in a dedicated super session, roundtable and panel sessions will provide a more conversational opportunity to hear from your B2B peers, and numerous B2B-specific sessions will be available for leaders and practitioners of all levels of experience.

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To make the most of the Summit this year, be sure to refer to our recommended sessions for B2B attendees, search the session catalog using the “B2B” filter, and show up in Las Vegas ready to rethink B2B in your organization and thrive in the new world of B2B.

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