How to Become a Successful Templates Contributor

How to Become a Successful Templates Contributor
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Becoming a successful templates contributor on Adobe Stock takes a little imagination and one major step into the world of the design marketplace. Success there can be measured in multiple ways, either in creating a new revenue stream for yourself, expanding your design range, or by developing your brand.

Adobe Stock continues to grow its collection of design, photo, and video content, and our templates hold the unique position of being fully integrated with Creative Cloud. Unlike other competitive marketplaces, Adobe Stock templates reach users directly in-app and create a unique and inspiring place for creation. We turn to industry professionals who know the ins and outs of design to create templates that follow best practices and will engage users of all skill levels.

The following overview will show you how to take that leap into becoming an Adobe Stock templates contributor, including:

  •       How to start contributing to Adobe Stock templates.
  •       Ways to build a collection with your pre-existing design work.
  •       Tips for diversifying your portfolio.
Image source: Adobe Stock / Graf Vishenka.

How to start contributing to Adobe Stock templates

Are you interested in submitting your work for a portfolio review? Please email the Adobe Stock templates team at  Let us know a little about who you are and provide a few links to your work. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have around requirements, standards, and the submission process.

Build a collection with your pre-existing design work

Every creative has a hard drive busting at the terabytes with work and ideas that can be repurposed into profitable design solutions. Do you have a poster from an old college assignment just sitting there? What about that brochure you designed for a client that they passed on? Look at turning that work into user-friendly templates that will generate extra income and reach a wide user base.

We have specific requirements for InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, and Illustrator CC, including technical specs and what you need to do to have your templates accepted to Adobe Stock. The major takeaways for our requirements are:

  • Typekit Integration: The Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem provides templates contributors and users with seamless design solutions all in one place. That’s why Adobe Stock templates exclusively use fonts available from Typekit, Adobe’s font subscription platform. All Creative Cloud subscribers have access to Typekit’s full library of thousands of fonts available to sync directly to their desktops. This eliminates the need to search for, download, and install additional files, while also guaranteeing high-quality, properly licensed fonts to users.
  • Review Process: Each template is reviewed and tested by the templates production team to ensure that they meet best practices and provide an optimal user experience. Feedback is provided to contributors as needed.
  • Legal Compliance: Making sure all content is compliant with Adobe Stock legal and IP terms are a key factor in having your files accepted into the templates collection. You may not include any brands, copyrighted material, or assets not wholly owned by you.


Image source: Adobe Stock / Bizz Creatives.

Diversify your work

Having a dynamic collection of templates is a sure-fire way to generate income, as well as inspire users to fall in love with your designs. A diverse offering of templates will show your range as a designer. Incorporating intricate details or simple minimalist-style design concepts is a great way to attract users across all levels. You have the capability as a templates designer to erase the anxiety of the blank page, whether by offering inspiration to non-advanced Photoshop users with creative photo masks, or opening design doors for non-creative professionals with an InDesign business proposal layout. Come share your template designs with Adobe Stock.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Collective Offset.

Browse more templates on Adobe Stock, and if you’re interested in contributing motion graphics templates, you can find details here.

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