Behance Creativity in the Public Sector Showcase

Behance Creativity in the Public Sector Showcase

Adobe Government invites you to help us “Celebrate Creativity in the Public Sector” for 2015!

Greetings and salutations from the Adobe Public Sector team!

Our team focuses on the design community across Government agencies in North America, so if you work as a Government employee, contractor or systems integrator, please keep your eyes peeled for our activities and messages in the coming months.

As we prepare to host the 2015 Adobe Digital Government Assembly in Washington DC, we are celebrating creativity in the Public Sector by showcasing how creative professionals from within the Public Sector are designing new ways to better engage citizens, the community and each other.

If you are a creative professional working within or on behalf of a government, law enforcement, public health care or not-for-profit organization, we’d like to hear from you!

We invite you, your colleagues, customers, and UG members to join us and share your best work in our Virtual Gallery on Behance. Doing so could get your work featured amongst your peers at the Assembly in Washington DC February 3.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and pass this message along. We greatly appreciate the support and contributions of our valued community leaders, and cannot wait to see your submissions!

To share your work:

If you or your organization already has a Behance profile, you can submit your project directly to the Creativity in Public Sector Team Page. To participate from within a project, go to ‘Edit project,’ and then into ‘Settings. In the field marked ‘For a Team,’ type in ‘Adobe Gov – Creativity in Public Sector Showcase’ in the box ‘Add a team you’re not on.’ Your work would be fully credited back to you!

If you don’t already have a Behance profile, please visit to get your free membership. Here, you will be able to showcase your work, as well as see what others are doing in your field. Once you have a profile, you can go ahead and follow the steps outlined above.

We also invite you to join us to help celebrate the innovative and creative ways the public sector is engaging today’s citizens by including #CreativityinPublicSector and #AdobeGov under your project’s Project Tags. This is a small, but important step in submitting your work in that it allows us to aggregate the conversation and content under these two searchable tags.

*NOTE: When adding projects directly to the showcase, you will need to include proper accreditation to individuals / organizations / agencies involved in the campaign’s development or the project will be subject to removal. Please visit the Team Page to view accreditation examples.

*DISCLOSURE: Organizations participating in the Creativity in Public Sector Showcase retain the full copyright of their submissions and have agreed to allow Adobe Systems to use their materials for this exhibition purposes.

For more information contact Nicole Gibson at


The Adobe Public Sector Team

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