Bertelsmann Achieves Large-Scale Efficiency Using Electronic Signatures with Adobe Sign

Bertelsmann Achieves Large-Scale Efficiency Using Electronic Signatures with Adobe Sign
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Want to be more productive at work? Join the club. Every company can point to at least one process that could use an overhaul — scaling is a challenge that even the world’s biggest, most successful companies grapple with daily.

At Bertelsmann, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, teams continually look for ways to remove productivity roadblocks. The company is driving digital transformation to move faster as a business, knowing its success hinges on streamlining the daily processes and micro-tasks that can slow employees down. One key process Bertelsmann recently tackled is document workflows, moving from pen and paper to electronic signatures with Adobe Sign.

Going digital, signature by signature

Bertelsmann gathers at least 8,000 signatures a year on its quarterly financial reports alone. With reports coming in from 700 legal entities, it previously took three people to manage the process. Now, it takes just one. It’s easier and faster for financial directors, too, who can sign anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices.

For contracts with Bertelsmann’s IT service provider, e-signatures have reduced turnaround times from months to just two days. That’s an impressive improvement in speed, and it means there are fewer delays in delivering IT services to business units.

When employees get more done, the business moves faster. For Bertelsmann, that means gaining a crucial advantage in a competitive media industry.

To learn more about Bertelsmann’s digital transformation, watch the video below.

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