Better in Launch: Automation

Launch has powerful APIs. Here are the docs to prove it.

Better in Launch: Automation
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Whether you are an IT pro or an implementation manager, you have been overburdened for years with repetitive tasks such as updating marketing tags, capturing new data, and deploying technologies across hundreds or even thousands of web pages. All of this distracts you from the work you want to do, which is the work that matters most.

You need a solution that can systematically add or update anything on your website while also imposing proper security, controls, and approvals. Launch, by Adobe delivers exactly that.

It’s all about APIs

Most software as a service is built by developing the core components of the product, and then bolting on APIs as an afterthought. Launch was built differently. Instead of developing Launch APIs near the conclusion of its development cycle, our development team thoughtfully crafted APIs from the very beginning. We knew that our customers would want, and eventually require, robust APIs that could meet both basic and sophisticated needs. We also knew that if we could build a product where every product functionality was powered by an API, then we could automate any use case — and even meet unforeseen customer needs. This is exactly what we did.

Save time on repetitive tasks and more

Any data captured, tag updated, or technology deployed can be automated using Launch APIs, so can anything else that’s performed manually in the Launch user interface. These APIs are all managed via the Adobe I/0 console so that rights to specific APIs can still be managed by the appropriate teams.

With APIs this powerful, you can automate repetitive tasks and start a new journey dedicated to delivering game-changing solutions that produce top-notch experiences.

To learn more about Launch APIs please read Launch API documentation.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

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