Better in Launch: Events, Actions, and Data Elements

Launch allows any technology provider to create extensions that add new functionality in Launch. You can see some partner-added functionality here.

Better in Launch: Events, Actions, and Data Elements
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As a digital marketer, you are under increasing pressure to drive more leads, online revenue, reservations, and every other KPI in between. To meet your needs, vendors have flooded the marketing technology landscape. Unfortunately, tools that make it easy for marketers to integrate functionality and data from these technology providers are elusive. This inability to integrate makes it almost impossible for marketers to deliver compelling experiences that span multiple technologies.

You can’t teach old technology new tricks

Legacy tag managers, including DTM, place the responsibility of building integrations with marketing technologies on engineers that work for the tag management system. There are two major problems with this approach:

  • Legacy tag managers were built close to nine years ago with the intent to simplify the deployment and configuration of marketing technology. This use case was adequate nine years ago but is far from adequate today. Marketers now require deep integrations that go far beyond what legacy tag managers were designed to do.
  • Engineers who work for tag managers don’t have the bandwidth to become experts in all the technologies marketers use. As a result, the quality of those integrations suffers, and updates come slowly.

Experience matters

Marketers today need a platform that can evolve with the needs of their business, and oftentimes the needs of the business require that technologies work together, regardless of the vendor. This is exactly what Launch, by Adobe, is designed to do.

Launch gives technology vendors the ability to add new events, conditions, data elements, and actions, so marketers can integrate technologies — not just deploy and configure them. That relieves some of the pressure of driving more business by making it easier to take advantage of market innovations, and intertwine those innovations to deliver great experiences.

In addition to enabling other technology vendors to add new functionality to Launch, we at Adobe are also dedicated to adding new functionality to Launch every two weeks. To see just how often Launch evolves, read the latest features in the Launch, by Adobe, Release Notes.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

Use case

A multinational hotel chain sends an email to all guests asking how their first night went. The call to action in the email links to a web page that includes a Foresee survey.

The survey asks for feedback on in-room entertainment, local attractions, and general comfort.

To improve the guest experience, marketing wants to educate the guests with specific content based on their feedback. Here’s an example of how this could be done:

A campaign ID embedded in the email link is captured by Foresee on the landing page to activate the correct survey. Logic, working in real time on the page, decides which question and answer warrants a response. A YouTube video is dynamically injected and activated in response to the guest feedback, and an analytics platform captures what percentage of the video played to give an idea of how valuable that content was.

In the past, integrating three technologies like this to deliver a great experience — all in real time without leaving the landing page — was hard. With Launch, by Adobe, that integration can be accomplished in just a few clicks. With two or three rules and three clicks to deploy Foresee, YouTube, and Adobe Analytics, Launch customers can deliver a use case like this in no time.

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