Breakthrough Innovations in Adobe Marketing Cloud Help Marketers Excel in Customer Experience Management

New AI Capabilities enhance experience delivery and customer engagement.

Breakthrough Innovations in Adobe Marketing Cloud Help Marketers Excel in Customer Experience Management
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Customer loyalty is at risk. Companies must work harder than ever to capture people’s attention and create memorable experiences every time a customer interacts with its brand.

As part of Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit 2019, we are introducing multiple new cutting-edge capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud, helping marketers design and deliver transformative experiences to both the businesses and consumers. The new capabilities, which help organizations lead in Customer Experience Management (CXM), include the first integrations of Marketo Engage and artificial intelligence (AI) innovations, so companies can automatically deliver the right experiences to the right people at the right time. With Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning technology, marketers can automate these personalized experiences at scale.

Additionally, Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn announced they’re joining forces to accelerate account-based experiences (ABX), transforming B2B marketing. This partnership will drive better orchestration, measurement and delivery of targeted content for a more personalized experience at both the individual and account level on key B2B platforms like LinkedIn.

“We believe in creating epic experiences for our customers throughout the entire buyer’s journey – from acquisition to advocacy,” said Steve Lucas, SVP Business Development, Digital Experience, Adobe. “Unveiling the first Marketo innovations and account-based marketing capabilities integrated with Adobe Experience Platform, is just the beginning of our roadmap together to deliver exceptional personalized experiences at scale and move beyond account-based marketing towards account-based experiences (ABX). With these new capabilities, sales and marketing teams will have increased alignment, confidence that they are engaging with the right people and accounts, and be able to measure business impact in entirely new ways.”

Adobe also introduced new email and campaign management capabilities built on Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first open platform for CXM. Together, these first integrations of Marketo Engage, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud, help marketers:

  • Integrated Adobe Creative Cloud & Adobe Marketing Cloud now automate personalized content delivery: New integrations between Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud better unify content and data, with Automated Personalization in Adobe Target, powered by Adobe Sensei. For instance, marketers will be able to easily pull in and edit content from Adobe Experience Manager from within Marketo Engage to crop a photo to best fit a website. This is the first time Marketo customers will be able to edit creative content directly within Marketo Engage. We are also enabling creatives to find, edit and reuse images and other digital assets in Experience Manager directly within Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign with Adobe Asset Link. Another new integration of Experience Manager with Adobe Dimension lets marketers easily create and repurpose 3D models. Additionally, Experience Manager is now integrated with Adobe Stock, so marketers can pull in Stock images with ease and publish them across any channel.
  • Deliver custom, personalized offers: Offers are the gateway to driving sales, yet managing personalized offers can pose a challenge. With new offer management capabilities in Adobe Campaign, marketers can deliver the most relevant set of offers to each customer via email. The new feature provides a centralized repository to easily assign offers based on customer preferences and interactions.
  • Engage based on your customer’s interactions: When a customer interacts with a brand, it creates the opportunity for marketers to deliver personalized messages. With Triggered Journeys in Adobe Campaign, brands can automatically deliver real-time, relevant messages, initiated by an authenticated customer’s action. For example, if a consumer views a performance on one of the stages at a music festival, the organizers can send that person push notifications incentivizing them to visit other stages or attractions of interest in the venue by unlocking rewards as they explore the event; it is available in beta.
  • Orchestrate end-to-end marketing programs: Organizations now have the power to nurture and pursue the most promising leads. The integration of Marketo Engage with Marketing Cloud combines our industry-leading experience delivery, personalization, and analytics solutions with Marketo Engage’s lead management and account-based marketing. The integration is unrivaled, bringing marketing engagement, automation, and attribution power to Adobe Marketing Cloud, helping marketers personalize, manage, and orchestrate experiences for all B2B use cases. The integrations will be available later this year.

New AI capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud help marketers work smarter, more efficiently, and intelligently to:

  • Predict the best time and frequency for emails: Companies can automatically send an email at the right time to increase open rates and maximize the impact with Predictive Send Time Optimization. Marketers simply define a start and end window for a campaign and Adobe Campaign sends the email to each recipient at the right time. Predictive Churn Management intelligently filters individuals from emails before hitting the threshold number of messages. Both capabilities are powered by Adobe Sensei and are in beta.
  • Reach high-value B2B customers : ABX has proven to be a successful strategy used to reach high-value target accounts, especially in the B2B buyer’s journey where marketers target entire accounts, and the sales cycle is longer and more complex than in B2C. To reduce the manual efforts traditionally required to build target lists for ABX, Marketo Engage is integrating AI into its ABX offering called Account Profiling, formerly called AccountAI . It is the industry’s first marketing engagement solution to combine the power of intelligence-driven predictive modeling and automation into a single ABX solution.
  • Convert marketing leads to sales: New Tailored Insights and machine learning-based attribution in Marketo Engage better optimize marketing investments in content, channels, personas, geographies, and more to maximize engagement and revenue across the customer journey. For example, a marketer using ABX can now understand exactly which engagement at a target account – whether it’s an email, chat, web, etc. – is more likely to generate ready-to-close pipeline.
  • Automate & personalize experience delivery: Leveraging Adobe Sensei, new advancements in Adobe Experience Manager (read the press release) and Adobe Target (read the blog post) automate content delivery for marketers and bring a personal touch to every customer experience. This includes automatic video cropping with Smart Crop for Video, and Personalized Recommendations powered by a new “weighted relevance” recommendations engine and automated decision-making to determine the best recommendations to deliver.

Read about all the latest innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud from Adobe Summit 2019. Adobe Experience Cloud is the industry’s only end-to-end solution for experience creation, marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce. Unlike legacy enterprise platforms with static, siloed customer profiles, Adobe Experience Cloud helps companies deliver consistent, continuous and compelling experiences across customer touchpoints and channels—all while accelerating business growth. Industry analysts have named Adobe a leader in over 20 major reports focused on experience—more than any other technology company.

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