Can you Use Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions to Create a Life-saving Mobile App?

Our Adobe Customer Solutions teams show you can with the Smart Emergency Response App

Can you Use Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions to Create a Life-saving Mobile App?
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Getting immediate and appropriate help in an emergency can prevent a difficult situation from turning into a tragic one. The Smart Emergency Response (SmartER) app, a prototype created by our consultants aimed to do just that. Developed using four powerful solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud, this app can be used in multiple situations—from vehicular breakdowns and medical emergencies to accidents and kidnappings

The current emergency response scenario in many places requires a person in distress to look up and dial an emergency number. They are then required to explain the nature of their emergency to the operator, as well as provide their location.

What can an app like the SmartER do?

The app can immediately notify authorities, as well as loved ones, in case of an emergency. It also has a feature that notifies other app-users in the vicinity and the nearest police station/patrol vehicle.

All this can be done by simply accessing the app, or even by a mere shake of the phone!

Key features that make this app include:

  • Location intelligence
  • Ability to broadcast messages
  • Peer-to-peer alerting
  • Lock-screen accessibility
  • Offline and non-smartphone access
  • Authentication features to track spam

Powered by Adobe Experience Cloud solutions

Our consultants used four of the most powerful Experience Cloud solutions to create this app:

  • Adobe Experience Marketing (AEM): This solution powers all the content areas in the app, along with managing video and image assets.
  • Adobe LiveFyre – During a natural disaster, LiveFyre enables emergency service providers to broadcast and communicate with citizens in a particular area.
  • Adobe Analytics: This solution tracks the usage of the app. By monitoring this information, we can optimize the experience of using Smart ER, along with enabling emergency response teams with real-time events. It can also be integrated with a person’s unique identity number for tracking misuse.
  • Adobe Target: The app’s home screen shows nearby emergency response contacts, as well as intelligent buttons for quick help, all made possible by Target. The buttons are populated based on trends of emergencies that occur in a given geo-location/area.

The impact of such an app can be huge as it saves lives of road accident victims. This innovative approach to problem-solving is a great example of the collective power of Adobe Experience Cloud.

This app was conceptualized by Reji Thomas & Pradeep Subramanian from Adobe Customer Solutions

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