Character Animator and Twitch Take Streaming to a Whole New Level

Character Animator and Twitch Take Streaming to a Whole New Level
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Last October, the Character Animator team asked Twitch Streamers to join us in a private beta as we built a new extension that let Streamers interact with their viewers on a whole new level using live animation. We are excited to announce that the Character Trigger by Adobe extension is launching as part of the newest release of Character Animator, available now. Find the extension here.

Affiliate and Partner Twitch Streamers can use the Character Trigger extension to let viewers, using the Twitch interface, trigger a change of costume, a surprising dance, a high-five, or whatever action you set up for them to trigger, on-the -fly, while your character streams live!

It’s a new way to interact with viewers beyond the chat, and even monetize your channel as viewers use Bits to trigger actions. This new extension, available for Affiliates and Partners, is the first of its kind, allowing a higher level of engagement and creative control for streamers.

Get started using Character Trigger by Adobe now! Let Critically Awkward show you how:

Here’s how to get set up to use the Character Trigger by Adobe Extension on Twitch:

Step 1: Install the extension here.

Step 2: Click on the “Continue with Setup” button.

Step 3: Open Character Animator.

Step 4: Add the unique Secret Key (found in the Settings tab in the Extension) into Character Animator under Preferences → Twitch Integration.

Just getting started using Character Animator to stream? It’s easy! Here’s some help:

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