Consumer Goods Industry — Disrupted and Redefined

Consumer Goods Industry — Disrupted and Redefined
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Connecting directly with consumers is something many consumer goods brands have left up to their retail distribution partners… until now. Technology and consumer demand are changing the consumer goods industry in ways most brands never anticipated. From marketing to new business models, product development and supply chain, transformation is happening at record speed. Are you keeping up?

Adobe Summit 2020 will feature brands that are not just keeping up but leading the way toward establishing one-on-one digital relationships with consumers and growing brand loyalty.

Take a look at some of the exciting sessions we have in store:

SS7 – Take It Personally! CXM is the New Mandate in Consumer Goods

Wednesday, April 1, from 2-3 p.m.

For the first time ever, we’ve scheduled an industry super session focused solely on the consumer goods industry. Super sessions dig deep into challenges, transformations, and success stories specific to certain industries, making them the most anticipated and well-attended breakouts at Summit. With consumer goods brands embracing CXM ( customer experience management) like never before, you won’t want to miss hearing from industry luminaries on how they’re connecting with consumers, adopting new technologies, and changing their organizations to deliver personalized digital experiences. We’ll kick off the session with a deep dive into industry trends and insights to inform your go-forward strategy. You’ll also hear stories from the trenches featuring CXM leaders from some of the biggest consumer products brands out there.

S953 – Breaking Glass to Get Things Done

Thursday, April 2 from 9-10 a.m.

Today’s corporate structures were originally designed to make it hard to effect change. For years we’ve been talking about digital transformation, customer experience management, and data democratization, yet we’re as far away as we’ve ever been from keeping up with the needs of the business. It is time to break some glass, and Tamara and Ray have never shied away from the #truth in their Summit sessions before. Yes, this session has tons of statistics about the state of organizational alignment and digital disruption, but you won’t find any platitudes and hyperbole. Instead, the insights presented by Tamara Gaffney, Quantum Metric’s VP of decision strategy, and Ray Wang, founder and CEO of Constellation Research, help you become a change agent for not only your team but your organization as a whole. If you’ve ever been to a meeting where everybody comes in with tons of data analysis but no decisions get made, this session is for you.

S925 – PlayStation Goes Direct to Consumer: Transform Gamer Shopping Experiences

Tuesday, March 31 from 1:15-2:15 p.m.

A personalized, data-driven, and highly shoppable hardware purchase platform was the vision for the PlayStation Direct website. To transform the way gamers and grandmas alike shop for consoles, controllers, and VR components, PlayStation worked with Deloitte Digital and Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 in the managed service cloud. Hear from Michelle McGuire, managing director, Deloitte Digital, and Byron Chew, group manager, Sony PlayStation on how the Experience Manager platform has transformed how PlayStation customers shop.

S931 – Delivering DBU (Delightful, Boundless, and Ubiquitous) Experiences

Tuesday, March 31 from 3:15-4:15 p.m.

User experience is the sum of all interactions any user has with an organization. Over the past decade, consumers of digital content have become more demanding, leading organizations to focus on user-centric design, rethinking and reimagining experiences for their users. Omnichannel users are not only customers — they also include business partners for B2B experiences and a company’s employees who expect the same level of delightful and seamless experiences that external customers do. Companies that are succeeding in this venture ensure that their digital channels deliver engaging experiences across all digital and non-digital channels for all users who interact with the company’s digital properties. Learn how Infosys has embarked on the journey of delivering user experiences by leveraging leading digital technologies available in the market. By attending this session, your information will be shared with Infosys.

S962 – Beyond Email: The Vital Role of Mobile Messaging in Customer Engagement

Wednesday, April 1 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Mobile messaging has a unique and growing place in a marketer’s toolkit for two primary reasons. Consumers want the ability to message businesses, and they don’t impose the same degree of filtering on messaging that they apply to other channels. In fact, consumers are 35 times more likely to open mobile messages than emails, reports a global study from Sinch. Learn how brands, such as Nissan, are combining the power of personalization and rich media to address such business challenges as revenue generation, churn, and customer satisfaction. Mobile users are more than ready for rich engagement.

In addition, the Consumer Goods team at Adobe will be holding an industry roundtable discussion giving you the opportunity to network and discuss with your peers the unique challenges to establishing direct consumer relationships.

Check out the full agenda of breakout sessions and build your best personalized schedule.

We’re looking forward to a great Adobe Summit for the Consumer Goods Industry. See you in Las Vegas!

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