Cooking Up Training Certificates using Mega Sign

Cooking Up Training Certificates using Mega Sign
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In March of this year, Adobe’s Public Sector solution consultants held a week-long training seminar on Acrobat Pro DC for our customers. There were nine separate sessions, and at the end, we wanted to send each attendee a completion certificate—but there were almost 900 attendees! Check out the on-demand version of these Acrobat DC training sessions.

Customizing the Training Certificates

By leveraging the Mega Sign feature in Adobe Sign, we were able to send to each recipient a customized certificate with their names and the classes they attended. Then, we added the signatures of the instructors, and asked each attendee to sign their copy as well.

So… what are the ingredients to this recipe?

  1. A CSV data file with each attendees’ email, name, a customized message, and the classes they attended.
  2. A PDF certificate with form fields and check boxes, which will be populated from the CSV data.
  3. A subscription to Adobe Sign Enterprise plan.

And that’s it! Oh… a couple of tips:

  • You’ll need at least two unique email addresses in the Mega Sign CSV file.
  • Don’t include the email address you’re sending from.

Learn more about Mega Sign in this tutorial.

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