Creative Cloud Assets: Meet the New Interface

Creative Cloud Assets: Meet the New Interface

Earlier this month, the Creative Cloud Assets website rolled out a brand-new interface for its assets and collaboration features. This interface was rolled out to the Asia Pacific region back in December 2017, and we are excited that it is now available to all customers.  With this release, the Creative Cloud Assets website will not only be getting a facelift, but it’ll also come with under-the-hood improvements around its performance and stability.

Navigating the new interface

As in the previous interface of the Creative Cloud Assets website, you will be able to access a variety of your Creative Cloud work, including Creative Cloud files, Creative Cloud libraries, mobile creations, and XD prototypes and specs. With the new interface, we have taken the opportunity to re-think the experience around a few functions:

  • Making activity more accessible: We have moved the information and actions in the Activity section to locations that are more integrated with your experience around accessing and sharing your Creative Cloud work. Specifically, you will get sharing notifications through a dedicated bell icon located on the top right corner, can access help documentation via your Profile icon, and can always see and go to manage your quota on the bottom left. If you have application sync settings, you will no longer be able to clear sync settings via the Creative Cloud Assets website, but can continue to manage those sync settings directly in the applications.  See documentation on sync settings for more details.
  • Archived as deleted:  To increase visibility of files and folders that have been “recoverably” deleted, formerly called archiving, we have moved what was previously the Archived section under Files to its own section in the left navigation and renamed it Deleted. As with the previous archive section, a user can view all files and folders from Creative Cloud files that have been deleted, but not yet permanently deleted. The section has the same properties and functionality as the previous Archived section, and does not yet include deleted items outside of Creative Cloud files.

Looking forward

This new interface helps set the stage for many new capabilities. Over the next couple months, we will be focusing on making sure this new interface is a solid foundation for new additions by ensuring all key features from the previous interface are available:

  • Search and version history:  One of our top priorities immediately following the global rollout of the new interface will re-introducing search and version history to the Creative Cloud Assets website.
  • Recent section:  We know seeing your recent assets is helpful to dive back into your work, and we plan to bring this section back in the next few months.
  • Libraries and mobile creations: For the time being, libraries and mobile creations will still be accessed using the previous Creative Cloud Assets website interface. However, the same improvements made to the rest of the Creative Cloud Assets website will be applied to both libraries & mobile creations later in 2018.

Beyond feature parity, we are eager to introduce capabilities will enable you & your teams to access & collaborate on your creative work more effectively, which will start in mid-2018.  Areas we are looking to extend to include access to a more holistic portfolio of your Creative Cloud work & improving collaboration features, especially when it comes to reviewing creative work with others.

Stay tuned, and for now, we hope you enjoy the new Creative Cloud Assets website interface.

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