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Design is the Heart of Customer Experience

Design is the Heart of Customer Experience

This year at Adobe MAX, we are putting a spotlight on how design and creativity drive experiences.

This year at Adobe MAX, we are putting a spotlight on how design and creativity drive experiences. Delivering exceptional, design-led customer experiences is the fundamental way for creatives, designers, brand strategists and marketers to ensure their organizations are differentiated. In fact, companies that integrate design thinking into company strategy can outpace industry peers by as much as 228%.

We’ve designed sessions with speakers from some of the most preeminent brands and agencies who are designing – and defining – the future of customer experiences. Join us to hear from Chobani, COLLINS, Dropbox, Headspace, IBM, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Rain and Vice Media – as well as inspiring creative icons such as Debbie Millman and Kat Holmes.

Monday, 10/15, 3:15pm
Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer, Chobani
Brian Collins, CEO/Chief Creative Officer, COLLINS

Leland and Brian have created a new brand and design operating system based on their work with some of the world’s leading brands, including Spotify, Equinox, Instagram, and Chobani. In this session, you’ll:

  • Hear about their approach and case study successes
  • Receive real-world advice and tools for using their system in your teams
  • Learn how you personally can make an impact with a new design system for your organization

Tuesday, 10/16, 1:15pm
Debbie Millman, Designer/Author/Podcast Host, Design Matters
Kat Holmes, Founder mismatch.design
Elizabeth Kiehner, Global Leader & Design Principal, IBM
Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand Studio, Dropbox

Join design icon Debbie Millman as she leads a discussion on the evolution of design-led culture with these experts who have found great success elevating the importance of design across organizations:

  • Kat Holmes — Inclusive design expert and author
  • Elizabeth Kiehner — Global leader and design principal, IBM
  • Collin Whitehead — Head of brand, Dropbox

Tuesday, 10/16, 3:15pm
Ben Baker, VP of Post Production, Vice Media

Ben Baker, VP of Post Production for VICE, will share:

  • His battle-tested plan for leveraging video to scale their news and social and marketing programs across a variety of communication channels
  • How the company spun up a live daily news show with six international news bureaus in just 60 days
  • How video has been the driver of the company’s significant growth and expansion

Monday, 10/15, 1:00pm
Albert Shum, CVP of Design, Experience and Device group, Microsoft

In this inspirational session, Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft, talks about the experience design industry revolution we are immersed in today, and shares practical advice on how to:

  • Design for a multi-sense, multi-device world — and the mixed realities of creating coherence and engagement across all of it
  • Explore the role that AI could and should play in creativity and design
  • Build diverse teams that create products and experiences for real-world audiences

Monday, 10/15, 5:15pm
Randhir Vieira, Vice President of Product, Headspace
Andrew Howlett, Founding Partner, RAIN

Andrew and Randhir will discuss:

  • Why voice design should be an essential new skill set you and your design team adopt
  • How to make voice part of your entire product ecosystem — the challenges and the opportunities
  • How voice will revolutionize the way you engage with your customers

Tuesday, 10/16, 8:15am
David Schripsema, Nordstrom Design & Marketing Manager

Join Adobe product leadership and Nordstrom Design & Marketing Manager David Schripsema to learn how Nordstrom has seen great success with connected systems, driving smoother, more efficient collaboration — from content creation to delivery. You’ll learn:

  • Adobe’s vision for accelerating the creation of brand experiences
  • Nordstrom’s real-world experience tackling this challenge
  • Next steps for your organization to reap the proven benefits

See you at MAX!

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