Differentiate In-Store Experiences with the Latest Adobe Experience Manager Screens Innovations

Differentiate In-Store Experiences with the Latest Adobe Experience Manager Screens Innovations
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Customers consume an increasing amount of content digitally, but when the rubber meets the road, physical stores remain crucial to the purchase process. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau , over ninety percent of retail activity happened in store in the fourth quarter of 2017.  And according to Adobe’s 2018 Consumer Content Survey, 40 percent of consumers rely on physical stores to learn about or purchase a product is at a store. This ability to connect directly with customers is so important that traditionally online innovators like Amazon are now investing in creating disruptive physical stores.

To survive in the digital age, brands must elevate their in-store experiences. Digital screens and interactive experiences give brands a powerful way to augment in-store experiences. High-impact digital signage drives improved impressions and purchases versus static signage. The challenge, however, is brands struggle to deliver knock-out digital experience at scale with solutions today. Current digital signage systems are siloed and not integrated across enterprises’ other digital content and data platforms.  This slows the ability innovate and deliver a consistent experience across channels and the customer journey.

Enterprises want to manage and create in-store experiences as easily as they can today with their web properties. They have made strategic investments in web content management, campaign management, analytics, digital asset management and personalization solutions. The expectation is that digital signage solutions align tightly with their other digital marketing solutions. Content and data needs to be consistent and integrated in order to truly connect and deliver experiences across online and physical channels like in-store.

Adobe has been investing in making this a reality. Adobe Experience Manager is already used by our customers today to create and manage amazing digital experiences. Experience Manager Screens is our investment to extend Adobe’s solutions into the physical realm, leveraging the experience management capabilities in our platform to bring digital experience innovation to digital signage and interactive screens. With Experience Manager Screens 6.4, customers can leverage innovations that make it easier to design, deploy and optimize experiences at scale across physical locations, including:

  • Design: Marketers can use a central asset repository and native connectivity between Experience Manager and Adobe Creative Cloud to intelligently import and access shared content. This shared content can then be used in Experience Manager’s cross-channel authoring UI for designing rich, interactive in-store experiences that are consistent with experiences on web or mobile. Our latest release also includes native support for managing and deploying 3D content to player devices to improve engagement and the customer experience.
  • Deliver: A key component of Experience Manager Screens is a “player app” that runs on digital signage media player hardware and intelligently manages the experience whether the device is online or offline. With Experience Manager Screens 6.4 we’re extending support to more device platforms, including ChromeOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Experience Manager at its core is designed to support the largest scale digital properties. With Experience Manager Screens 6.4, this architecture is extended to reliably manage experiences across digital signage networks of virtually any size.
  • Optimize: To deliver engaging in-venue experience at scale, marketers need to understand the health and performance of signage networks. Experience Manager Screens provides visibility to the health of the network with player monitoring and dashboards. The solution also gives insight into content usage and engagement thought native integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud.  In addition, using the new dynamic content configuration UI, marketers can contextualize and optimize in-store experiences based using sensor input, product inventory or really any data triggered event.

We’re incredibly excited about the innovations behind Experience Manager Screens 6.4 and the impact it’ll have for our customers. We’ll continue the story at Summit NA and EMEA. If you’re attending, check out the Experience Manager sessions in the Content and Experience Management track to hear more and please schedule a demo or visit the Adobe Booth to see Experience Manager Screens in action.

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