Dreamweaver Beta 3 is Here!

Dreamweaver Beta 3 is Here!
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We’re back with another update to Dreamweaver Beta! This release includes more tools to unlock the coder in you. We have heard from you that you want to write code faster and with less distractions.  The new Developer Workspace delivers that in a streamlined, performance-boosted, and clutter-free UI which will enable you to complete your next project quickly.


Do you code as a team or share your work with others? Make your code more readable with Source Formatting option (Edit > Code > Apply Source Formatting) for .js, .json, and .php files.

Are you building sites using PHP? Dreamweaver now fully supports PHP 5.6. Take advantage of code and syntax hints, plus support for attribute values such as filepaths, colors, and constructs such as namespace.

We’re also delighted to release several enhancements that you requested on UserVoice and Social, among other channels:

  • Click line-number to select code, and drag-along the line numbers to select multiple lines of code.dwbeta3-2
  • Full-screen mode on MAC: You can now view the current document in full-screen mode. For example, in Code view, you can increase the viewable number of lines of code by entering full-screen view. Click View > Full Screen (Ctrl + Cmd + F) to maximize the current document on the screen. Press Ctrl + Cmd + F again to restore the document to normal view.dwbeta3-3
  • Compile SCSS/Less/SASS on-demand for non-Site files: In previous versions of Dreamweaver, preprocessor files outside a Site would automatically be compiled to CSS code. With Beta 3, you can now compile SCSS/Less/SASS files on demand. By default, preprocessor files outside of a Site are not compiled automatically. To compile any SCSS/Less/SASS file to CSS use the Compile (Tools > Compile) command or simply hit F9.
  • Find and Replace Improvements
    • Text selected is now-auto-populated inside the Find box
    • Find is enabled for multiple lines of code
  • ColdFusion Support including Tag, Attribute, Static Function, and Pattern hints for CFML.

Try Beta 3 today and let us know what you think. The Dreamweaver Beta has been an incredible journey, and we feel proud to collaborate with a community that is so deeply passionate, involved, and committed to contribute to the future of Dreamweaver. THANK YOU for all of the feedback, please keep your comments flowing on UserVoice!

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