Email in 2017: Harnessing the Power of Data and Creativity

Email in 2017: Harnessing the Power of Data and Creativity
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In today’s age of the Experience Business, the brands that will be successful are focused on anticipating customers’ needs with personalized experiences and constantly raising the bar of the consumer experience. Not every channel can contribute in the same way to building that amazing experience. But we all know that email marketing remains the channel that delivers. Best known as the alpha channel or the workhorse of the cross-channel journey, email marketing in 2017 deserves to be reimagined to continue to surprise, delight and engage.

That said, the majority of email marketers struggle with meaningful engagement, primarily due to leveraging traditional ESPs’ siloed technology which offers limited access to complete profile data and puts them at arm’s length from the creative tools that generate inspirational content. The power of data rests in marketers’ ability to personalize engagement in context for each individual. If your email is managed by a third party as a standalone channel without inherently rich cross-channel campaign management capabilities, it will become increasingly irrelevant.

Email marketers should stop solely focusing on traditional success metrics, like opens, clicks and list attrition driven by traditional ESPs, and go well-beyond slotting a customer’s name into the “Dear John or Jane Doe” line. This is very much our focus with Adobe Campaign – with the goal of helping brands best gain the attention of their current customer base, along with the prospects they seek to entice.  At Adobe Campaign, we pride ourselves on our helping brands conduct informed and customized engagement that best prevents customer fatigue.

With 2017 around the corner, we are reimagining email marketing in the context of the Experience Business by:

  • Increasingly bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to the fingertips of email marketers with Adobe Sensei – Data science for the sake of data science is not our game. We’re infusing our predictive capabilities to help email marketers design content that’s meaningful and deliver that email at a time that makes the most sense for each customer is how we are infusing predictive capabilities. And we’ve already begun by launching our Adobe Sensei-powered predictive subject lines and predictive remarketing capabilities earlier this year.
  • Making it easier and faster for email marketers to create and send emails – If you’re like 60 percent of email marketers out there, you (or your agency) are coding emails in Adobe Dreamweaver. The dreaded back and forth from Dreamweaver to your email marketing solution, time delays and extra steps in adding personalization all add up to an eternity to get an email from concept to execution. It’s no wonder that email marketers struggle to surprise and delight or add personalization if they are mired in the basics of just getting the message out the door. With speed to market in mind, at MAX we recently provided a sneak preview of an integration with Dreamweaver. Through the integration, email designers can create emails in Adobe Dreamweaver that will automatically sync with Adobe Campaign to more quickly send personalized, contextual emails. Stay tuned for more innovations from us in this area in 2017.
  • Bringing creative magic to email – The driving force behind any great email-marketing campaign maps back to experience; it’s about providing beautiful, compelling emails that persuade customers to take an action. Best known for our creative prowess, Adobe Campaign will help email marketers create stunning, surprising and engaging emails by bringing the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud to the fingertips of email marketers.

Our experience with email marketing dates back nearly 15 years, and today over 750 customers power their email marketing programs with Adobe Campaign. We’re excited to work with new customers including Travelocity, Boy Scouts of America, Fairfax Media, Motorola, Sydney Opera House, William Reed, Physicians’ Desk Reference and Telegraph.

During 2016 more 100 billion emails were sent by Adobe Campaign. Furthermore, this year we were honored with recognition in three leading analyst reports that validate the breadth and value of our email and campaign management capabilities:

Thanks to all of you joining us for this journey, and we’re excited to continue to innovate and delight our customers at every step of the way.

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