Feedback Like a Boss

Get the answers, insights, and comments you need when you need them, all in a single document.

Feedback Like a Boss
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You pride yourself on your hard work. If something needs doing, you’re doing it. Sometimes you even show your boss who’s boss. But, as much as you’d like to, you know you can’t do everything on your own. That’s what teams are for.

You’ve been collaborating with your team on a shiny new PowerPoint outlining your annual plan. Everyone has contributed to the bones of the deck, but it’s time for some fine-tuning. You could email the presentation around, request feedback, remind everyone multiple times, and still have to slog through multiple version to get a final copy.

Sound like your worst nightmare? Relatable. You drop to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and shout, “There has to be a better way!” Calm down, dude, there is.

From chaos to coordination

Time to break out the high-powered collaboration tool you already have in your toolbelt: Adobe Acrobat DC. With the Share for Review tool in Acrobat DC, you can easily send documents for review and gather and manage feedback all in one place.

In the age of burnout, collaboration is critical in the modern workplace. People who collaborate stick with their tasks 64% longer, and are more engaged and less fatigued. Simply put, collaboration helps everyone succeed!

Acrobat DC’s built-in feedback capabilities help you herd cats like a boss, then keep the collaboration going through editing, signing, and beyond.

Streamlined document feedback step by step

Not only does Acrobat DC streamline your workflow from any device,  it ensures that everyone’s opinions are represented in one place for total transparency and a better final product, in record time.

  • Step one: Give your stakeholders access to the shared document by sending them a simple link that’s accessible from any device, for free. This way, all reviewers can participate in a group feedback session, within the same document, at their leisure.
  • Step two: Working within the shared document is just like meeting in person, but without the painful commute. Reviewers can ask and answer questions, confirm information, offer suggestions, add onto ideas, and give approvals from any device. Reviewers can contribute all in one go, or pop back in as their schedules allow.
  • Step three: Conflicting feedback? It’s mediation time. If Reviewer A wants a red banner and Reviewer B wants a blue banner, @mentions are your friend. By tagging individuals in the live review, you can centralize discussions to come to an agreement without derailing the entire review process.
  • Step four: Let’s face it: every team has a bottleneck. With Acrobat DC, there’s no need to continuously follow up with review requests through email, chat, or carrier pigeon. Simply set up deadlines and reminder schedules, and let Acrobat do the heavy lifting. There’s nothing more motivating than getting a notification that five of the reviewers are done with their pass — and that you’re the odd man out.
  • Step five: Figure out what you’re going to do with all the time you saved by streamlining your review process. Throw a party? Adopt a puppy? Continue to revolutionize your team’s processes? You’ll figure it out. 

Achieve even more every single day, without breaking a sweat. That’s better business — and that’s doing feedback like a boss.

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