Free Adobe XD UI Kit: An E-Commerce Solution to Create ‘Pawsitive’ User Experiences

Design 03-13-2018
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What do dogs, cats, and Adobe’s all-in-one design and prototyping tool have in common? They’re all part of the latest free UI kit for Adobe XD users, empowering you to create great user interfaces that will result in the most PAWSitive user experiences. This latest UI kit, called Pawtastic, comes from UX designer Meagan Fisher and will give you everything you need to design an e- commerce web experience or app using Adobe XD.

See all the features and elements you can access with Pawtastic below and learn a little bit about the talented UX designer behind it. You can download the Pawtastic UI kit here, and to see more user interface resources created for Adobe XD, check out these five free UI kits from other top UX designers, all available to you now.

Pawtastic: Marketing One Pager, Dashboard UI, And Ecommerce Enablement

Pawtastic is a whimsical UI kit and web app prototype with dozens of elements, artboards, symbols and icons, and more. Originally designed as a website for a pet-sitting service, it includes a fun and informative marketing one pager along with a multi-step booking/onboarding process that will be useful if you’re creating an app or website with a strong e-commerce focus.


The highly customizable layout includes a comprehensive dashboard UI, along with UI elements for:

  • Account settings
  • Image grids
  • Pull quotes
  • Profile cards
  • Tiered navigation

It also includes a host of symbols/icons and character styles designed to help you create the app experience you’re looking for, whether it’s pet-themed or not.

Meet The Designer: Meagan Fisher

Meagan Fisher is a UX designer with tons of experience in front-end web design and product design. She’s been a creative director at several startups in New York City and has partnered with clients such as The University of Pennsylvania, Dribbble, Change.Org, Twitter, Campaign Monitor, The Audubon Society, ClassPass, and many more. She’s also an in-demand design expert and has spoken at industry events in 18 cities across eight countries, along with writing and contributing to several design publications.

Unsurprisingly, given her creation of the Pawtastic UI kit, Meagan Fisher is also an animal lover. She is particularly fond of owls.

Want More UI Kits and Design Resources? Adobe XD Has Them

Adobe XD has other free UI resources available. The goal is always to provide you with the resources you need to create a high-fidelity, fully-interactive prototype of any app or website you want. After you’ve explored Pawtastic, check out these UI kits below:

  • E-Commerce Mobile UI Kit – Design user-friendly e-commerce apps. Includes 22 well-organized and layered app-screen designs, covering all the main e-commerce user flows.’
  • Travel Companion UI Kit — From hotel, flight, and activity listings to buttons and icons, here’s a comprehensive kit for travel-themed apps or websites.
  • Transportation UI Kit — With more than 60 customizable screens full of symbols and other elements, like navigation, Navigo helps you design transportation experiences for apps or websites.
  • Apple iOS Design Resources — This new UI materials make it easier to quickly design iOS apps.
  • Google Material Sticker Sheet — Provides elements like light and dark symbols for status bars, app bars, bottom toolbars, cards, drop-down menus, and more to design Android apps.
  • Windows UI Kit — Allows you to start designing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
  • Office UI Fabric Design Kit — Helps you to design seamless Office and Office 365 experiences.
  • Smartwatch UI Kit — A comprehensive UI Kit for the smartwatch with more than 20 customizable components and more than 30 customizable icons.
  • Dashboard UI Kit — Includes 100 customizable components across 10 screens, with more than a dozen charts (the backbone of many dashboards) to help simplify the dashboard design process.

Not sure where to start? Check out our full list of tools and resources for everything you need to get started designing, prototyping, sharing, and working with unique UI kits in Adobe XD. And for for UX insights sent straight to your inbox, sign up for Adobe’s experience design newsletter.

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