Future Forward: Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 and Dynamic Media

Future Forward: Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 and Dynamic Media
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It is a big job building experiences, at scale, that put customers in front and leave competitors behind. But it’s possible with a modern, integrated, advanced platform. Rich media is at the heart of experiences, and Dynamic Media is your stairway to customer experience ascendency.

Your move to Dynamic Media is overdue, and you’re incurring late fees by the hour. Your campaigns aren’t exciting, your customer experiences are flat, and your efforts are not as efficient as they could be and should be — so you are paying the price in reduced revenue and customer loyalty.

Reach for your future: Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 is now available with new Dynamic Media capabilities that make your team more productive and your customer journey rich, rewarding, and delightful.

Marketing effectiveness in Adobe Experience Manager Assets takes a giant leap ahead of earlier solutions, due to Adobe’s investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. You expect each new release to offer new capabilities and make work a little easier, but it has always been the human’s job to perform what machines can’t. The AI powered by Adobe Sensei in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 removes so much human effort that the team you have today will be able to vault your customer experience into new territory.

Some of the new capabilities in Experience Manager Assets:

Content velocity – reduce time to market to increase relevancy

  • Adobe Asset Link: Fine-tune your master images in Photoshop and use the Adobe Asset Link native panel to directly upload into Experience Manager Assets and publish via Dynamic Media. Cut the context-flipping and cut your workflows.

Video experiences – engaging and device-optimized

  • Smart Tags for video (powered by Sensei): Our self-learning algorithm creates highly descriptive tags and assigns them automatically. Consistent, useful, effortless.
  • Smart Crop for video (powered by Sensei): Automatically detect the focal point of a video, crop it, and track it. Add more video, and make it great video, without more labor.
  • 360 video: Create, manage, and deliver immersive 360-degree video experiences perfectly rendered on any device.
  • Custom video thumbnail accelerated by best frame selection (powered by Sensei): Quickly select among Sensei’s suggested best frames to create compelling video thumbnails.

Connected assets – efficient experience authoring at scale

Brand Portal: Share with partners only the assets you need to. Upload assets through the Brand Portal to the author environment, and use Dynamic Media to automatically generate device-optimized renditions of assets, including video.


Don’t delay: upgrade today

With this wealth of powerful features, it’s time to consider upgrading to Dynamic Media to up-level your workflow and propel your digital experiences to the next level.

It’s hard to believe that you seriously don’t want these game-changing capabilities available in Experience Manager Assets and Dynamic Media:

  • Shoppable media, which turns video into an “add to cart” opportunity
  •  Interactive hotspots which link buyable products into campaigns, video, and look-books
  • Smart crop for imagery and video
  • AI-assisted thumbnail selection
  • Image carousels
  • Mixed-media viewers, which combine sets, video, swatches, and 360-degree viewers into one experience
  • Viewer designer that you use to create and customize viewers — without begging for IT

But wait, there’s more! No, not Ginsu knives, even better.

The enormous benefits of enterprise-grade digital asset management (DAM), powered by Experience Manager Assets, are finally within your reach.

Four capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager Assets that you shouldn’t live without:

  1. Digital asset management lets you enjoy the single life — single master, single location, greatly simplified workflows.
  2. Dynamic Media delivery of compelling interactive, multimedia experiences across devices.
  3. Create an asset once and deliver it again and again, knowing it will load fast, look great, and offer interactivity.
  4. Regain hours for creating great customer experiences, as media management tasks are automated.

No one likes change, even change with benefits. But change is inevitable, and it’s better to be in control of it, and reap the benefits sooner rather than later. Your future self will thank you for nurturing your professional development.

Old School
New School
We’d hate to lose our context-switching, sticky-note dependency.
We like complex workflows and multiple steps and managing large numbers of duplicate assets using copy and paste.
Our customers are grateful for some video. They don’t mind if it loads slowly or stutters.
Dynamic Media removes the complexity that has come to define your day, distracting you from your true mission. It gives you:
  • Modern interfaces. WYSIWYG and in-context. Forget about APIs, SDKs, coding— not your job.
  • Dynamic imaging. Your single master automatically generates and publishes unlimited versions, changing size, format, resolution, crop or effect.
  • Dynamic video. Zero effort transcoding and delivery. Single master video automatically sized for all screens and adaptively streamed to assure a consistent, quality user experience.
Our customers don’t want exciting experiences or new features. A stale experience is like a stale cracker— comforting! Soft! Flabby!
We are relieved that our experiences work as well as they do. If it ain’t broke, or only broke a little, don’t fix it!
Meeting KPI targets is so overrated.
We’d like to believe you’re right, but your customers and competitors are demonstrating that your confidence is misplaced.
Customers spend more time and money when they experience:
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Shoppable Video
  • Personalized Banners
  • Mixed Media Viewers
  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Content optimized for their experiences and devices
We love hand-copying, hand-filing, hand-wringing, and keeping two or three sets of folders in sync.
What would we do with our days if we weren’t fixing a thousand image delivery problems?
Outdated or missing product images give customers a reason to call us for a chat. We love talking to them!
Sometimes continuing with tools that are paid for is actually throwing good money after bad. I think this is one of those times. DAM time!
  • One file, one place. Silos that you manage today are gone.
  • Tag, search, and find at enterprise speed and scale, assisted by AI and machine learning.
  • Market leading platform for rich media delivery.

Next steps for personal and professional growth

Once upon a time, you were a leading user of a leading edge solution. Now that solution is old school, and it’s time to regain your edge. Reclaim your leadership position, professionally and personally, by deploying the best campaigns and experiences that Adobe now makes possible.

You have strong reasons to embrace change, and Adobe has invested in resources to help you make your move.

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