Geometry Meets Design

Geometry Meets Design

Geometry has always played a central role in design. Some designers have found amazing ways to marry repetition, geometry, and color to make us see the world a little differently. Here’s a collection of notable geometric creations to change our perspectives.

Italian Geometric Tile Patterns by Daniele De Nigris
Geometry and artistry meets to build impossibly complex designs from simple tile patterns.

Illustrated Views: La muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill
Repetition of right angles create an infinite expanse.

Abstractions — Vol. 01 by Mohamed Samir
Neon hues and gradients creates vibrancy in Samir’s reinterpretation of calligraphy.

GEOM Font by Danilo Gusmão Silveira
The repetition of 45-degree angles in each character gently guides the eyes to the right.  

A Propaganda Poem by Sebastian Onufszak
Black, typically a background hue, is creatively foregrounded as abstract geometric lettering.

The Bully Project Mural: All Sorts by Karan Singh
Designed by 16 designers around the world, this piece is nonetheless unified by repeated shapes.

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