Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento Delivers a Fully Integrated, End-to-End Google Advertising Solution

Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento Delivers a Fully Integrated, End-to-End Google Advertising Solution
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Did you know that Google is the number one driver of business to retail sites, both in terms of traffic and transactions? How about the fact that eight Google domains like, YouTube, Google Maps and others currently boast more than 1B users each? Needless to say, engaging shoppers across Google’s expansive network can play a powerful role in boosting growth and increasing reach for any merchant.

Indeed, engaging shoppers across Google’s expansive network can play a powerful role in boosting growth and increasing reach for any business. However, for many merchants, both big and small, it can be challenging to optimize Google advertising due to operational factors such as: data integration, lack of dedicated expertise in-house, and third-party connectors that offer incomplete solutions for a business’ unique needs.

Announcing Google Shopping ads Channel

At Imagine 2019, we released Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento, a fully integrated, end-to-end Google advertising solution that helps Magento customers to efficiently engage, convert and acquire customers across the Google network. Google Shopping ads Channel is available for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.4 and later customers via a free extension in the Magento Marketplace. This extension is available globally.

With the new Google Shopping ads Channel, merchants can seamlessly connect their Magento store with both the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads to easily and efficiently power their marketing and simplify campaign management from their Magento admin. Once connected through Google Shopping ads Channel, all advertising functions across the Google network are built, maintained and supported by Magento, bringing expanded functionality and efficient advertising to merchants with just a few clicks.

Our goal with this new integration is to enable merchants to more easily optimize Google advertising spend for increased reach and conversion, while at the same time eliminating complexity in their existing workflow by bringing everything into one platform. Our goal is to help save merchants the time and money needed for refining the more critical aspects of their customer shopping experiences

Key benefits of Google Shopping ads Channel include:

  • Native Integration: Manage your Google advertising through the ease and familiarity of your store’s Magento admin dashboard. You won’t have another platform to manage, saving you time and money. Instead, Magento is the single source of truth for all of your eCommerce activities.
  • All-In-One Solution: Manage both Google Merchant Center and Google Ads in one end-to-end solution to achieve your advertising goals. Through the Magento admin you can create your Google Merchant Center account and automatically claim and verify your website, set up shipping and tax rules, conform your Magento catalog to Google’s requirements, and modify configurations at any time with automatic updates to Google.
  • Create your Google Ads account and start advertising with Google Smart Shopping campaigns with a few clicks. Modify your budget and products you are advertising at any time for ultimate flexibility. Review campaign performance with intuitive reports to ensure you are getting maximum ROI.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns: Use Google’s newest campaign subtype that uses machine learning to simplify management, maximize conversion value and expand your reach. Through the Magento admin dashboard, you can easily create Google Smart Shopping campaigns, where you only need to set a daily budget, and then let Google’s machine learning do the rest. Google will optimize the campaign for the highest conversion value by automatically choosing which products to advertise, how much to bid, who to target, and which ad creative to show. You can track the performance of your campaigns at the campaign and account level within Google Shopping ads Channel and also use Magento Business Intelligence for more robust, visual reporting.
  • Simple Onboarding and Auto-Sync Maintenance: By using your Magento configurations and product catalog, onboarding and ongoing maintenance are streamlined and simplified. As your business and eCommerce store changes, Magento stays in sync with Google so you never have to worry about advertising out-of-stock products or inaccurate product pricing.

Google Shopping ads Channel along with Amazon Sales Channel – also released at Imagine – are two of several channel product releases we have planned on our roadmap to empower merchants to better reach customers at every touchpoint, wherever they shop.

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