Got Creative Block? Alexa Can Help with That. Introducing the Adobe Inspiration Engine

Got Creative Block? Alexa Can Help with That. Introducing the Adobe Inspiration Engine
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At Adobe, we empower people to realize their creative potential. Traditionally, that has meant building tools that test creative frontiers, streamline workflows and enable collaboration. However, a recent Adobe study reported that while 71% of people consider themselves creative, 89% say they struggle to find inspiration. Today, we’re excited to announce something to help: the Adobe Inspiration Engine, a brand-new Alexa Skill.

The Adobe Inspiration Engine is built for anyone who needs a jolt of creativity – from professional artists and designers staring at an empty page, canvas or artboard for too long, to someone who needs more than a coffee to get their day started. Simply say, “Hey Alexa, open the Adobe Inspiration Engine” to any Alexa device or Alexa app to get inspiring quotes, tried-and-true creative exercises and, when using an Echo Show or Amazon Firestick device, visual bursts of inspirations.

Two easy ways to dive in

Drawing from the energy and inspiration felt when luminaries such as Nicola Scott or Questlove and Lilly Singh share their creative journey onstage at Adobe MAX, the Adobe Inspiration Engine comprises three components (or intents) to jumpstart your creative process:

  • Quick Insight: Light up your creativity with a quote or insightful sentence from creative minds such as Jessica Walsh, Pascal Campion or Weitong Mai. These doses of inspiration will offer new perspective.
  • Exercises: In just a few minutes, these exercises will get your creative juices flowing. With select exercises voiced by the talents of Calob Castellon and Elise Swopes, you’ll be guided through activities like using your senses and environment to explore your project.
  • My Creative Type: Better understand your personal brand of creativity. Are you a Thinker, a Visionary, a Dreamer? You can take the My Creative Type quiz to appreciate how your mind works.
  • Visual Inspiration: See creativity flash before your eyes. With an Alexa-compatible screen device such as an Alexa Echo Show or Firestick, you’ll be served up inspiring imagery from Behance.

We’re doubly excited about this Skill since we also prototyped the experience using Adobe XD. (Check out the XD prototype here, and read more about prototyping for Alexa devices within XD here.)

You can get the Adobe Inspiration Engine for free from the Amazon Alexa Skill store by saying, “Hey Alexa, enable the Adobe Inspiration Engine.” The Skill is immediately available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

To continue this spirit of inspiration, we’ll also be hosting two Instagram Live sessions during Adobe MAX. The livestreams will be moderated by Shelby Church and feature Elise and Calob along with Stefan Sagmeister, Annie Atkins, Cyn Lagos, Anna McNaught, Chris Hau and Aundre Larrow. During these 30-minute sessions, creatives at all stages of their careers will offer sage advice as they share stories, anecdotes and life lessons to propel your creative career forward. You can tune in and submit questions live on November 4 at 12:45 p.m. PT and 5:30 p.m. PT through the Adobe Instagram handle.

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