How to Use a Personalization Application to Rapidly Adapt to Change

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How to Use a Personalization Application to Rapidly Adapt to Change
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We want to share with you best practices we’ve seen our clients embrace in their personalization programs to be more versatile and adapt to shifting trends and customer needs. We’ll dive in deeper and hear from industry experts on how they’re putting personalization into practice during our Personalization Industry Insiders Webinar Series taking place throughout the month of May – register here.

An optimization and personalization tool can be powerful in its agility – to try new things, to see what works and quickly make the changes you need to better meet your customers’ immediate needs or leverage A.I. to help automate decisioning.

Let’s consider a few best practices, and tactics that you can adopt:

1. Leverage out-of-the-box targeting & swift WYSIWYG editing

  • Use Adobe Target’s Visual Experience Composer to swiftly swap out messaging or content based on urgent timely information, such as a change in store hours or support periods
  • Use out-of-the-box geotargeting data to target content related to safe pick-up and delivery methods, leveraging our pop-up banners and other content templates from our library.
  • Use Category Affinity data and scoring to more swiftly adapt the experience for a new or returning visitor based on their preference for specific categories of your offering, and reduce the friction as they search for what they need
  • Use Experience Targeting (or Auto-Target) to display the best discount or incentive program to show within a search results page based upon a visitor’s profile and query, perhaps coupled with recommendations to meet discount thresholds, to improve conversion and AOV/RPV

2. Embrace artificial intelligence/machine-learning

  • Use recommendations to boost priority products or content, and to exclude products or offers based on inventory thresholds
  • Leverage the “Recommended For You” algorithm on home and category pages to provide a broader, more personalized selection of products, videos or collateral based on an individual’s profile and full browsing history
  • Test a recommendations console that can personalize and rank navigational categories that visitors can swiftly select to reduce friction and more swiftly find what they are searching for, especially on mobile
  • Use Auto-allocate to automatically identify and serve the best performing offer and placement for free access to services or trials quickly within your mobile application (or across web, mobile, email, set-top box, call center, and more) to fulfill quotas and exceed signup metrics through incentive programs, or engage with your brand or services in a creative way while they are at home (or work-from-home)
  • Take advantage of automated personalization to dynamically rank next best rank-ordered collateral that an investor should review as they are considering shifting funds, or help section modules to expedite the answers to customer inquiries to deflect call center volume and save on costs
  • Use Auto-Target to enable first page personalization for diverse anonymous traffic to ensure they see a dynamic relevant homepage just right for them, based on an evaluation of their entire profile data, with DIY articles more prominently placed, for example, for those who are driven to purchase products based on tutorials

3. Be a team player & center of excellence within your organization

  • Use enterprise permissions to enable a division of your organization access to use Adobe Target for testing and personalization within a bounded area of your digital experience to democratize the capabilities for scale
  • Test or personalize functionality or content on your intranet or internal business portal to better serve and provide the tools and enablement your team needs to better, and more ergonomically, work from home
  • Review Page Flow and Fallout reports with your Analytics team to identify shifting behavior in key audiences, and (if using Adobe Analytics) right-click and share sequential segments e.g. visitors from this company who clicked on this offer and viewed 2 content pages, to take immediate action to optimize to re-engage this segment in an Adobe Target activity

More to come in our Personalization Industry Insiders Webinar Series in May. Wishing you and your family and friends health and safety in these challenging times, from all of us in the extended Adobe Target family!

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