In the Battle for Top Talent, Digital Signatures Win

The latest Adobe Sign and Workday integrations secures top talent in less time while boosting HR ROI.

In the Battle for Top Talent, Digital Signatures Win
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You’ve found the perfect hire. They’re qualified, engaged, and ready to hit the ground running — and they’re also on your competitor’s radar.

It’s a perfect storm, and the majority of HR managers agree, saying they struggle to find the right talent. And when you do find that ideal fit, there’s the constant threat they’re being “poached” by the competition. In these cases, the company who gets the candidate’s signature first “wins.”

To ensure they aren’t losing potential hires, companies need to move past the traditional offer-letter process. HR leaders need to be laser-focused in securing new-hire signatures as quickly as possible. But, in reality, that’s not always happening.

Ninety-one percent of HR processes still have a paper component,” says Jenny Ho, senior product marketing manager at Adobe. “Sometimes they’re interwoven with digital workflows, but often they’re purely paper-based.”

That’s a problem, considering even the slightest lag can mean losing a potential employee.

“Imagine in this day and age a candidate still having to sign a physical offer letter,” Jenny says. “It only gives the candidate pause, and leaves them wondering if they really want to work at this organization.”

Stop waiting for the ink to dry

By taking advantage of Adobe Sign, hiring managers and HR leaders can tap into intuitive tools and enhanced accessibility to send, sign, and track paperwork digitally. Now, processes that once took days or weeks can be accomplished in minutes. This lessens the risk that candidates will accept other positions during signing lags while getting hires onboarded faster.

Pennsylvania-based Radial uses Adobe Sign to handle approximately 300,000 documents its employees and candidates sign each year.

“We wanted to make our processes faster and more efficient by cutting out paper,” says Radial’s HR information services manager. “We saved approximately $145,000 per year by eliminating the paperwork new hires needed to complete, which drives an increase in productivity.”

Eliminating new-hire bottlenecks

While signing and returning a document should only take seconds, the process surrounding it can be time consuming, tedious, and error-prone. “Every time an employee stops to do something by hand, work stops too,” says Jenny.

When multiple parties are involved, this process can be even slower, creating bottlenecks that frustrate hiring managers, internal teams, and candidates. “We’re often recruiting global, tech-savvy candidates who often do everything electronically,” says Hilary Door, staff HRIS analyst at Illumina, Inc. “We decided that if we wanted to provide a better experience, we needed an easy, mobile way of signing documents.”

Illumina isn’t alone. “We’ve had cases where we’re signing legal documents that need to go to 90 people for signatures,” says Brently Davis, director of corporate services for IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Using Adobe Sign, the team has transformed their recruiting efforts. “We’ve reduced processes from two to three months down to a day or two.”

Signing on the line is just the beginning

While securing top talent is a pressing goal of any organization, the Adobe Sign benefits don’t stop there. At Illumina, for example, many offer-letters and contract fields are auto-populated by Adobe Sign using information from a candidate or employee’s record. This eliminates the chance that paperwork will be returned incorrect or incomplete.

And when paperwork is submitted without required fields? It can be flagged and returned, ensuring increased compliance in less time.

Once all documentation is complete, Adobe Sign then protects documents with industry-leading security. “Adobe has 25 years in the secure digital documents space,” says Jenny. “Customers benefit from one trusted, secure solution across all use cases within a company.” Your HR team can move much faster while staying instep with exacting legal and regulatory standards.

Experience Adobe Sign at Workday Rising

Ready to experience Adobe Sign first-hand? The Adobe Sign team will be in Las Vegas at Workday Rising, beginning October 1. Check us out at the following:

  • Workday Rising Welcome Reception (Monday, October 1, 6-8 p.m.)
    Join us at the Innovation Exchange Expo at Mandalay Bay on opening night to mix, mingle, and stop by the Adobe Sign booth for a preview of our world-class Adobe Sign + Workday integration.
  • Customer Community Gathering (Monday, October 1, 2:30-4:30 p.m.)
    For the first time at Workday Rising, Adobe Sign customers will come together for a community gathering. Network, share ideas and best practices, and get information from the Adobe Sign/Workday product management team. For more information, contact your CSM.
  • Plinko Power (ongoing Expo Hall hours)
    Try your hand at our custom Plinko board for a chance to win some cool new gadgets and prizes.
  • Customer talk-backs (Tuesday, October 2, 1:00-2:00 p.m.)
    Hear first-hand how the Adobe Sign integration enabled organizations to reduce paperwork, increase cost savings, and improve ROI, all while maximizing their Workday investment. For more information about this session, check out HRPS237707.
  • Rock out with Adobe, Collaborative Solutions, and Sheryl Crow (Tuesday, October 2, 7 p.m.)
    All she wants to do is have some fun! Come see special musical guest Sheryl Crow at House of Blues. Even if you’ve had a jam-packed day, this will no doubt be your ”favorite mistake.” Space is limited, so register now.
  • Meet the team (ongoing)
    Want to dive deeper? Let’s chat! We’re available all week. With a native integration accessible across any Workday Business Process, Adobe Sign will soon become your workplace BFF. Stop by our booth #402 to learn more.

To learn more about the Adobe Sign and Workday integration, check out the Adobe Sign booth at Workday Rising, then get started with these cutting-edge business innovations.

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