Inside the Designer’s Cart: Filip Hodas

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Filip Hodas
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This month, looking inside January’s featured artist Filip Hodas’ shopping cart gave us a peek at what type of Adobe Stock assets a 3D illustrator may use. Filip’s art takes the viewer on a visual journey that defies physical laws and blends nature and earthy landscapes with the unexpected.

Here are the latest Adobe Stock assets Filip licensed for his digital artwork and his reasons why.

“I picked this top image first, basing the whole image off it. I knew the sky would be easy to mask out and with lighting this soft, I knew it would be really easy to edit. Oh, and I also really love Iceland!”

“I came across this image while searching for some more Icelandic nature that could fit the base photo I found. It’s not a perfect match, but I’d say it’s still pretty close.”

“This wasn’t my first pick when I was looking for skies to use, but in the end it has just the right amount of detail and the colors sit really well with the rest of the image without too much tweaking.”

“The flat ocean horizon on my background sky wouldn’t really work with my foreground image,so I had to look for something to supply some hazy hills. This image 4 did the job well!

“Adding a little bit of surface detail is always fun. Textures like the one in this image are really handy for many different things, especially when they are as easy to use as this one.”

Discover how Filip created this stunning composition in his exclusive tutorial for Create Magazine.

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