Inside the Designer’s Cart: Ingrid Tsy

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Ingrid Tsy
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This month we’re taking a look inside designer Ingrid Tsy’s Stock shopping cart. Ingrid’s thought-provoking piece, “Styx,” is a stunning example of how an artist can bring together multiple sources of inspiration, including stock images, to create something wholly unique.

We asked Ingrid about the ideas behind her work: “I find that dynamic forms of canyons embody the themes of natural forces and Earth’s organisms in the best possible way. The formation and colors of every canyon are unique and beautiful, definitely a great inspiration for composition.” For her piece, she wanted to blend the canyon forms into a mysterious dreamscape with a touch of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

“I realized after finishing the artwork that the atmosphere and colors bring me back to Sylvia Plath’s poem, ‘Crossing the Water.’ In the poem she describes Styx, a river in Greek mythology. It was these mysterious and fascinating qualities that I would like to portray in my work.

Here are the Adobe Stock assets Ingrid chose, with a little bit about how each one helped form her piece.

“Choosing the perfect base for this artwork was important to me. I came across a huge library of landscapes and only a handful mirrored what I imagined. I chose this image especially for its simplicity and a lot of room to maneuver graphic elements on top.”

“I picked these two images for their flow and color scheme. They’re not too busy on the eyes and the lines compliment the natural forms of the canyon.”

You can see more of Ingrid’s work on Behance.

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