Introducing New Streamlined Mobile App Personalization for Marketers and Developers in Adobe Target

New customer experience management (CXM) solution for marketers advances personalization.

Introducing New Streamlined Mobile App Personalization for Marketers and Developers in Adobe Target
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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I typically reach for my phone, don’t you?

Mobile plays a huge role in our lives and there’s never a shortage of moments to engage with the things we care about – our bank account, our lunch order, our email. We expect exceptional personalized experiences at all times – regardless of location, time of day, device, or app.

In fact, personalization has become such a powerful engagement tool that a survey we conducted recently unveiled that one-third of consumers are more likely to make an unplanned purchase if the content they receive from a brand is personalized. Needless to say, location-based personalization and automation can play a critical role in building brand loyalty among today’s consumers. Adobe Target directly addresses this, helping brands consistently deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time, in the right context for their customers at every touchpoint – especially on mobile apps.

After pairing your mobile app with the Visual Experience Composer (VEC), you may navigate through the mobile app to the experience you want to test or personalize, then use the VEC to author the in-app experience.

Today we’re taking this a step further, introducing a series of enhancements to Adobe Target. This includes a new mobile-ready workflow and mobile app visual experience composer (VEC).

With Adobe Target marketers can already deliver personalized experiences, offers and customer service that foster brand and app loyalty, such as automated rank-ordered navigation or value-added offers. With the addition of the new mobile VEC with a built-in three-step guided workflow, marketers and developers are further empowered with a quick and easy-to-launch framework for mobile app personalization, saving them anywhere from weeks to months of launching activities in the app. This extends the mobile benefits for marketers in Adobe Experience Platform recently announced at Adobe Summit.

“Mobile app personalization and optimization is a critical part of our business,” said William Harmer, Global Product Owner and Digital Marketing of Vodafone. “Target’s VEC for mobile apps will empower our marketers and optimization teams to personalize customer experiences on our apps much faster. It will now help us create a personalized omni-channel experience for our customers without making significant IT investments. We were part of the beta program and are very excited to adopt it across our local markets once it is publicly available.”

Other key benefits of our mobile enhancements to Adobe Target include:

  • Accelerate your mobile app development with mobile VEC. After the development team activates mobile SDK V5, the marketing team can quickly start to personalize the in-app experience to deliver value. The user experience can be personalized throughout copy, text, buttons, images and design elements.
  • Full set of personalization capabilities. Leverage Adobe Target’s full capabilities within the app, including our Sensei-powered machine-learning activities to further accelerate the time to value of your personalization program.
  • Location-based personalization. Marketers and developers have the ability to personalize features, offers or messaging based on a person’s GPS or proximity to a point of interest or screen.
  • Measure impact to inform cross-channel personalization. The integration with Adobe Analytics helps marketers track the full and accurate impact of your experiences and uncover data to inform personalized experiences – ultimately driving conversions and loyalty.
  • Sophisticated, yet flexible support for different deployment modes. Depending on how your app is architected (async or sync). For instance, you can sync your app with a click and get started visually building activities with Adobe Target.
  • In the future, the mobile VEC feature will enable marketers to personalize, test, and optimize in-app messaging within the Adobe Target workflow.

To take advantage of the new optimized mobile app workflow, enhancements and mobile VEC capability in Adobe Target, customers will need to deploy mobile SDK 5.

More information about what’s new in Adobe Target is here.

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