Leading Law Firm Saves Time Moving to Digital Paper Processes using Adobe Sign

Leading Law Firm Saves Time Moving to Digital Paper Processes using Adobe Sign
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Perkins Coie is a leading international law firm that counsels some of the world’s most innovative companies and industry leaders. Given its reputation for excellence and client service, along with a commitment to be on the forefront of technology, the firm is always looking to improve operations to deliver more value to clients.

One business practice the firm’s IT team knew they could enhance was capturing signatures on documents. The firm’s long-standing, paper-based process consumed valuable time in both document tracking and management. Contracts and other legal papers had to be drafted, printed, signed, scanned, and then sent to the other party, who would then have to repeat the steps–resulting in a disconnected experience. Returned documents were often incomplete and needed additional follow up. The dispersed nature of Perkins Coie offices added to the complexity, with documents requiring multiple signatures sometimes taking days to complete.

The Perkins Coie team also considered the amount of paper being used – from internal communications to client-facing materials – and decided the time was right to implement a paperless approach worldwide.

To achieve its vision, Perkins Coie selected Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, and initially focused on streamlining internal processes. With Adobe Sign, the firm saw an immediate improvement in the time needed to secure digital signatures needed to complete HR and procurement contracts, while significantly reducing the use of paper.

“Adobe Sign has cut the time to complete multi-signature documents from days to just minutes, and eliminated a lot of hassle,” says Rick Howell, Chief Information Officer at Perkins Coie. “The flexibility of digitally signing on a variety of devices makes it easy for everyone – particularly people who are out of the office.”

The firm’s HR department is working to replace its paper-based signature documents – including job offers, employee contracts, and sabbatical requests – with digital versions. The simplified process has delivered a more positive experience for everyone and has decreased the time needed to onboard new hires. With the success of Adobe Sign in HR, the firm’s Professional Standards department plans to also leverage Adobe Sign as part of its conflicts review process for new hires. Candidates will soon have the ability to provide certification on employment history and loss prevention questions via digital signature. Meanwhile, the firm’s procurement team is using Adobe Sign for Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Master Services Agreements, Software Licensing Agreements, purchase orders, and vendor quotes.

“Some of our documents include more than 20 pages, and we handle on average 20 to 25 agreements per month in procurement alone. The digital processes save significant time, not to mention the added savings in paper and delivery costs,” adds Howell.

As part of a wider strategy to digitize its internal processes, Perkins Coie plans to integrate Adobe Sign with Workday for more HR forms and ThinkSmart for NDAs, delivering even greater efficiencies across the business.

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