May Update for Audition CC 2017.1

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The Audition team has just released an update to the Spring 2017 release of Audition CC to address some critical bugs that were discovered after release.   While not an exhaustive list, the highest priority issues fixed with this update include:

  • Severe error and/or crash when using Noise Reduction effect
  • Clip volume keyframes lost when using Convert to Unique Copy
  • Severe error when using Automatic Speech Alignment with clips of drastically different durations
  • Support for Panasonic GH file decoding
  • Remix now correctly supports clips referencing channels of a multichannel file
  • Potential crash on macOS when home folder located outside of /Users/
  • Additional stability and performance fixes

We always aim for stable, bug-free releases, but sometimes late changes can evade our manual and automated testing and prerelease users and sneak into the wild.  Thanks to all our customers who shared their incident reports through our bug reporting site, on our forums, or via facebook and twitter.

You can download this update by launching your Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application or selecting Help > Updates… in Audition.

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