Mobile Solutions Series: Mobile Vs Non-Mobile [Advanced Solutions]


The mobile reporting in SiteCatalyst is a powerful resource for those who are investing in mobile apps, pages and advertisements.  This series of blog posts is to bring a few new mobile solutions to your attention.  These solutions are designed to enhance your mobile reporting experience and help you make more informed decisions related to mobile.

Mobile vs Non-Mobile

The Mobile vs Non-Mobile solution is a standard VISTA solution that places “Mobile” into a prop (traffic variable) or evar (commerce variable) when a hit comes in from a mobile device and it places “Non-Mobile” for all other traffic.  From this you get the following report.

In the above report you can see the percentage of Page Views, Visits and Daily Unique Visitors for your mobile traffic and compare it directly to your non-mobile traffic.  This report will help you to understand how much to invest in mobile websites and application.

You can also look at the report in a trended view to see how the use of mobile is changing over time.

You can also do some deeper analysis by breaking down reports by Mobile Vs Non-Mobile.  For example, this next report takes the product page and breaks it down by Mobile Vs Non-Mobile report to understand how much traffic on a specific page is coming from a Mobile device.

The final report I want to show you is fun because I took the last report and reversed the breakdown.  In the below report I take the value Mobile and break it down by Page Names to see the top pages with mobile page views.


The part of this solution that I like the most is how simple the data sets are and how easy the reports are to understand.  You can only take action on a report when you truly understand what the data represents.  With the Mobile Vs Non-Mobile solution everyone in your company will quickly be able to understand and act on the results of the reports.

Get Started:

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