Neolane is now Adobe Campaign

Neolane is now Adobe Campaign
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Over the last two months we have been hard at work integrating the former Neolane operations, product, and customer base into the Adobe Digital Marketing business. Today, I am happy to announce the official launch of the sixth solution in the Adobe Marketing Cloud – Adobe Campaign.Adobe Campaign

As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we join the other five solutions – Analytics, Target, Social, Experience Manager, and Media Optimizer – in redefining marketing in a world of digital primacy. Like the other five solutions, the name is simple, clear and very self-explanatory.

Adobe Campaign is a world-class, cross channel campaign management solution that powers marketers as they harness the intelligence of an integrated customer profile to build meaningful relationships with their customers, deliver relevant offers and messages, and orchestrate great experiences – in real-time; all through an open and flexible architecture.

For our clients nothing changes. Thank you for your trust, support, and feedback. I have enjoyed connecting with many of you over the last two months sharing our plans and receiving your feedback. We will continue to do that. Your existing support infrastructure and personnel from technical support, account management, R&D, and professional services will still be involved and continue to deliver value to you. But with this launch comes another great detail: the incredible strength of the Adobe brand, commitment to service, and integration capabilities with the industry’s most complete set of marketing technologies in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe continues to aggressively invest in the former Neolane technology in a number of ways – by giving us access to: a) top notch engineering talent; b) an innovative and visionary marketing cloud; and c) Adobe labs that will help us accelerate innovation much faster than we could in our previous iteration. This is an expression of intent and the reimagining of the future of marketing technology. Over the course of the next few months we will share our roadmap and integration plans but in the near term, let me share some core concepts that are top of mind for us.

  • Enhanced collaboration across the marketing organization. As marketing organizations transform and add new skills, archetypes, and ecosystems, collaboration, optimization, and integration become critical to success. But old school resource and project workflow environments have failed to support marketing’s needs.
  • Truly integrating digital behavior with the customer profile. For the past 10 years, many firms have promised the integration of a consumer’s digital behavior with their “offline” actions. Few have delivered. And this gets more complicated as you think about new data types – social, interaction, loyalty, and much more.
  • Linking the content and execution value chains. As marketers behave like media companies and focus on delivering compelling content to their target audiences, the connection between content and delivery becomes critical. But few firms have cracked the code. As a result, content efforts are limited, lack freshness, and not very compelling.
  • Rethinking cross-channel orchestration. Today, simply delivering messages and offers to consumers in email is only part of the marketing mix.  Adobe is continuing to invest in this capability, but if you truly want to engage an individual across channels you must think about more than email execution. Orchestration, cadence, relevance, and consistency matter.

With the incorporation of Adobe Campaign into the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we are helping our customers achieve greater value from their marketing investments, bringing cross-channel campaign management capabilities to the industry’s most robust marketing solution, and providing brands with the complete digital marketing solution they have been looking for to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

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