New White Papers: Choose the deployment path that works for you

New White Papers: Choose the deployment path that works for you
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Enterprise mobile apps have become critical to companies in every industry, for use cases spanning sales enablement, training, internal communications, brand engagement and more. But mobile app development can be complicated and expensive. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile helps you meet this challenge via a comprehensive solution featuring remarkable deployment flexibility, enabling you to use a variety of content sources.

We’ve published a new set of white papers that will help you plan and execute your app strategy using Experience Manager Mobile. The three papers focus on three methods of sourcing content for your apps: 1) Using Experience Manager as the Content Management System, 2) Using a Third-Party Content Source, and 3) Ad Hoc Content Creation and Management.

For every app, there are unique content needs. For example, the BNP Paribas Voice of Wealth App uses Adobe Experience Manager as the Content Management system, Gather Journal leverages Third-Party Content, and Black Diamond uses Ad Hoc Content:

The white papers describe the various content sources you can choose from to drive content to your app, and then define the workflows, skills and resources needed to implement the deployment path that works for you. The papers are designed for practitioners and architects of your app implementation (designers, IT, and developers) but these documents will also be useful for line of business owners, marketers, and content creators, so they can better understand the flexibility of the platform. Everything that you need to consider to be successful with Experience Manager Mobile is outlined, with links to detailed documentation throughout.

Regardless of content source, as broken out in the left column below, you will leverage the same workflows for building, extending, delivering, measuring and optimizing your apps, and these topics are covered in each paper.


Areas of focus include:

  • Understanding requirements and workflows for each content source (Adobe Experience Manager, Third-party systems or other CMSs, and Ad hoc sources such as InDesign, HTML, and PDF)
  • Creating and managing apps
  • Extending app functionality / accessing device capabilities
  • Deploying apps
  • Leveraging additional app services such as notifications and messaging, authentication, and analytics
  • Integrating with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Experience Manager Mobile is an efficient, cost-effective, multi-channel solution for deploying enterprise mobile apps. Understanding the benefits and requirements of the various deployment paths is essential for success. Whether you use Adobe Experience Manager, a third-party system, or ad hoc tools as your content source, following the recommended steps and procedures will help ensure that you make the most of this powerful solution for deploying your apps. We hope these papers are a valuable resource, and we look forward to seeing the great mobile experiences that you create!

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