One-Hour Webinars to Boost Your Adobe Target ROI

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One-Hour Webinars to Boost Your Adobe Target ROI
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We on the Adobe Target team want to help you use Adobe Target to the fullest — no matter what your experience level with Adobe Target or personalization and optimization. Some of you have a fair amount of experience with Adobe Target, and want to explore the “art of the possible.” You want to get inspiration for personalizing more, in more places, and for more complex use cases. Others of you may simply want practical guidance and best practices for using the solution. Our Personalization Thursdays webinars and Adobe Target Basics webinars are designed to meet your needs no matter which group you are in.

Personalization Thursdays webinars for the “art of the possible”

Personalization Thursdays webinars provide you a great opportunity to learn technical information about topics like how to bring data into Adobe Target to personalize more deeply, how to implement Adobe Target on all your digital touchpoints (not just websites), AI-driven personalization in Adobe Target, and more. You can also discover tips, tricks, and strategies for further maturing your optimization and personalization program.

Take a look at both past and upcoming Personalization Thursdays webinar topics for 2018:

  • January: Discovering & Managing Audiences for Maturity
  • February: Adobe Target Everywhere and for the Modern Web
  • March: Program Management for Personalization at Scale
  • April: Adobe Sensei-Powered Capabilities: Getting the Most out of Machine-Learning Automation
  • May: Accelerating Personalization: Tips and Tricks from the Trenches
  • June: The Importance, Impact, and Essential Ingredients of Personalized Search
  • July: Customer/Brand Loyalty Personalization: When Conversion is Not a Purchase
  • August: Reporting, Insights, and ROI Realization Best Practices
  • September: Optimizing Your Mobile Strategy
  • October: A4T Best Practices: Conversion Rate Optimization on Steroids
  • November: Establishing a Center of Excellence: Governance Best Practices
  • December: Personalizing the Search Experience with Target Search

Adobe Target Basics webinars for practical guidance and best practices

Need step-by-step how-tos and best practices to grow your optimization and personalization program? Our new Adobe Target Basics series is for you. Check out the topics we’ve covered or will be covering in the next few months:

  • July 19: Best Practices Within the Adobe Target UI
  • August 9: Steps to Add Automation and More Sophisticated Activities
  • August 22: Best Practices in Reporting and Value Socialization
  • September 13: Best Practices in A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • October 9: Best Practices in Audience Segmentation

More valuable resources for improving your personalization skills

The webinars are just one avenue for deepening your Adobe Target knowledge and building your optimization and personalization expertise. Learn more about Personalization Thursdays and Adobe Target Basics in the Adobe Target online community. Check out these educational and information-filled resources too:

We hope that these resources, along with the two series of webinars, help you realize even more value from your Adobe Target solution. See you on one of our upcoming webinars.

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