Photoshop CC 2015 and Fuse CC (Preview) Available Today With Bulked Up Offerings for Designers

Photoshop CC 2015 and Fuse CC (Preview) Available Today With Bulked Up Offerings for Designers
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For those of you who’ve been with us a few years, you know that Photoshop has undergone a tremendous reinvention for designers, who represent about half of all our Photoshop customers. This has been a two-year+ metamorphosis during which we added Artboards, Linked Assets, Creative Cloud Libraries, improvements to Layer Styles and Guides; major renovations to our font and type features with Font Search, a Glyph Panel and more. We’ve deeply integrated Adobe Stock, created a whole new way for you to export assets, added the ability to print in 3D, connected you to the cloud and each other through CreativeSync, fixed a zillion small bugs and other nuisances you pointed out to us…and much more.

A few weeks ago at the Adobe MAX conference, we announced major updates to Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and the new Adobe Fuse CC (Preview). Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee and product marketing manager Chantel Benson teased you in the MAX keynote with demos of just a small sample of the new features.

Today you can get your hands on them!

The 2015 update to Photoshop is a major release with:

  • New Artboard capabilities
  • Direct import of SVG files that you can rescale in your designs
  • A touch interface to enable you to work directly on the screen with a stylus or your finger (with the right hardware of course)
  • Creative Cloud Libraries improvements that speed up your asset access and management workflows

Plus with this new version we are making Design Space (preview) available to more customers and in more languages. This is a new space inside Photoshop to address the workflows of today’s web, UI and app designers.

(If you are an existing Photoshop CC subscriber, update instructions can be found at the end of this blog post.)

Adobe Fuse CC (Preview)


In June, we acquired the company Mixamo, and Winston Hendrickson laid out his vision for the future combination of Mixamo and Photoshop. Today we release Adobe Fuse CC (Preview), a new product with an integrated workflow into Photoshop that marks the beginning of our next phase of unlocking the power of 3D design, one of the most in-demand skills in our rapidly changing landscape.

This integration is an early step toward our goal of delivering designer-focused 3D capabilities (along with other exciting new innovations) to give you significantly greater design flexibility and creative options, beginning with Fuse connected to Photoshop. We start this journey with a focus on 3D human characters, but with a little imagination you can envision many future possibilities.

Make custom 3D characters for any creative project

Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) is a desktop application that enables artists of any level or background to easily build 3D human characters in minutes. Designers with no previous 3D experience can quickly assemble unique combinations of existing body parts, clothing items and endless texturing options to make 3D characters to use in projects for graphic design, images and more.

Save your 3D characters directly to your CC Library and access them in Photoshop by simply dragging them into your document. Use the updated 3D Properties panel in Photoshop to choose from thousands of poses and animations to apply to your character. With this new workflow you can:

  • Build the unique character of your dreams in Fuse and work with a totally non-destructive workflow so that any modifications to size, shape, color or texture of the character will be applied in real-time
  • Create thousands of types of characters of all shapes and sizes to use as a featured image or as crowds in the background of compositions
  • Pose your character in Photoshop by choosing from a library that has close to 3000 options for any type of action or position you might need, then customize your chosen pose with a few sliders
  • Realize the flexibility of tweaking the position and perspective of the character at any point in the creative process
  • Take advantage of automatic updates to lighting, as you see shadows and highlights automatically adapt to changes made to your character
  • Adjust facial expressions, conveying the mood and personality you want by on your 3D character’s face, or adjust head placement
  • Get layouts approved before shooting a live model by posing a character in Photoshop and getting clients to sign off on the exact composition in advance

Try it out here. Fuse is free to all digital or analog humans who have an Adobe ID. The application is in English-only at release, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Here are a couple tutorials to get you started:

Photoshop CC 2015

Let’s get to what’s new in Photoshop CC 2015…

Design Space (Preview)

If you do any kind of UI, web or app design, you must try out Design Space. Design Space is a workspace with new interactions and design-focused features that reduces clicks, mouse movements and clutter for designers – particularly those who are working on UI, mobile apps and websites. It is created by designers, for designers and is the result of two years of deep and thorough customer research, some of which you can read about here.

We’ve been sharing our source code and progress on this feature here on Github in case that’s your thing.

We also have a very active community around Design Space, which we are introducing as a preview because we want your feedback – so hit us up and let us know what you think:

Artboard Improvements

Now you can sort layers by artboard, use guides contained within artboards to precisely place elements, quickly add new artboards to a document, and access additional artboard preferences for a customized look and feel.

Customizable Toolbar

That’s right…you’ve been asking for this for years, and today that dream comes true.

Beautiful, Modern, Touch-Enabled Interface

Touch Enabled Interface

The Photoshop interface has been updated with a modern look that provides a more consistent experience across the latest operating systems (OS X Yosemite and Windows 10). The new, higher-contrast UI makes images stand out and makes text more legible.

In addition, Photoshop now delivers a great experience on touch devices, including Surface Pro. The new touchable interface offers larger tab targets, the ability to swipe to scrub Undo/Redo/History, two-finger scroll lists, five-finger tap for full-screen, a larger Preset option, and easy access to soft keys for CMD, Option, Shift, and more.

CC Libraries Improvements

Creative Cloud Libraries offer a more intuitive drag-and-drop experience; the ability to bulk import common content into a library; and the ability to add brushes directly from Photoshop. You can search for an element within a Library, and also search Adobe Stock assets and browse your search results directly from Photoshop.

And more…

We have also added the following:

  • Font Favorites: quickly find the font you need by flagging individual fonts as favorites
  • An improved Asset Export experience with support for all file formats (along with many other enhancements to this new feature area)
  • Expanded SVG support: now you can open and place native SVG content in your Photoshop designs
  • Glyph panel improvements so you can see your most recently used glyphs, choose to sort by Unicode value or Glyph ID, drag a glyph to generate a new type layer, create a vector path with Option-drag, and maintain a selected glyph when switching fonts

How to get the update (for existing Photoshop CC subscribers):

  1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”. (Sign out and back in to the Creative Cloud desktop applicationif you don’t see the update)
  2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop 2015 and choose Help > Updates.
  3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and choose Update.

So friends, Photoshop users of all stripes, I cannot be more excited about this release, and our shared future ahead – artists and technologists continuing to make the world a more beautiful place together. I hope you are too.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you like best about the latest release.


Pam Clark

Director of Product Management, Photoshop

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